Yekeh Kolubah “Explodes’

MONROVIA-Lawmaker Yekeh Kolubah,  representing district number 10, Montserrado country, is not taking it easy this time with his colleague  lawmakers due to  what he calls their refusal to honor the supreme court’s order.

It can be recalled that  early this year, he was suspended  with his entitlement due to what the house calls, among others, rudeness.

Due to that, he decided to go to court to seek redress.  After hearing the case, the court mandated the house to reinstate him and give him all his benefits. But according to Yekeh, it is  over six months now and  that has not been done.

So, this week, he decided to ‘explode’ by disrupting sessions. This was to the total annoyance of his colleague lawmakers.

He told local media that:  “It is true(that I disrupted session) and I will always do that. Because the court ruled that the house of Representatives  should pay my money.  I took the house to court and  I won the case  and called on  them to give my money.”

“Before I left from here to go for my treatment, I wrote an official communication  since one month to the speaker’s office and it was received by the speaker’s office. I was in Ghana while undergoing my treatment, I was in touch  with honorable Gwehkloe, I was in touch with honorable Sime(lawyer for the house). They have refused to put me in the chartroom. The court ruled that everything they stopped from me should be restored and they have refused to do that.”

According to him, he will revert to the court soon for redress.  “I will  go back to court so the court can put senses  in their head. What I  am going through you are not going through it. You know what it means to stop  me from getting my salaries? You want to  kill me and my family because I refused to join CDC?(The ruling party-Congress for Democratic Change).  What I did yesterday, it will continue to happen. As long as those people have disrespected the court.”

He added that  while on his treatment outside of Liberia, he was in touch with his colleagues.

“When I went out of this country, I spoke  to honorable Fallah(CDC lawmaker) and what they said to  me was as long as I refused  to join CDC, they will  pay me when they feel like. The court ruled since six months ago and they do not want to pay me. These people are  the reason  the way I am behaving like this.”

He added: “they have held me hostage. I got my family and they refused to pay me.  Since they  said they will not do it; I will continue to do what I am doing until the court can put some sense in their head again. Since  their heads are very empty. I do not have regret. I do not.”

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