Yekeh Betrays Bility?

District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah is poised to betray newly elected Representative, Musa Bility for the Speakership position after allegedly receiving a vehicle and an unspecified amount of money from
the incoming Nimba County District Number Seven lawmaker.

Rep. Kolubah allegedly received a brand-new jeep a few months back from Representative-elect, Musa Hansan Bility to win his (Yekeh) support for the Speakership position at the 55th National Legislature.

Yekeh has gone public on many occasions pronouncing his unflinching support for Bility to head the 55th Legislature.

Even after his encounter with Rep-elect Bility, Rep. Kolubah lashed at the New Republic Newspaper saying that, “You going around saying that Musa Bility gave me Jeep. Your …… yous shi….. He used some of his best invectives on the reporter. The reporter responded first in a calm manner, but his voice sounded like a wasting gasoline on a huge blazing fire in the ears of Representative Kolubah.

Before that, Rep.-elect Bility denied ever giving a vehicle and cash to Kolubah. He rather said that his desire to vote for the Speakership position was dependent on who became President. Bility is the Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) of which the Alternative National Congress (ANC) of Mr. Alexander Cummings is its leader.  

However, some people accused Mr. Bility of being a silent supporter of President George Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC). He has denied it.  The CPP supported the CDC in the run-off election, which was won by the Unity Party (UP) of Joseph Boakai.

Rep. Kolubah’s support for Bility was placed in this way, “So long, they have said to me that Bility is a new lawmaker, I will vote for him.  Musa Bility is my candidate. Who does not want to vote for him, that is their business. I am not here for tribal business.”

But now, it appears he has changed his position.  Kolubah in a telephone conversation on HOT FM on Monday, expressed confidence in winning the Speakership election for the 55th Legislature to take the seat beginning in January of 2024.

His desire to contest for the position is based on what he called an advocacy role in the Legislature and what he plans to do for the Liberian people when voted for that position. He however failed to give details of what he intends to do.

According to Rep. Kolubah, many of his colleagues who want to serve the 55th Legislature are only coming up for cash. “I can assure you that the opposition block will support me to become Speaker. I am not begging anybody to vote for me. It is a matter of must to support me,” Kolubah said.

He said many of his colleagues who want to serve the 55th Legislature are only coming up for cash, a narrative he is determined to change. He has termed himself the most suitable candidate for the post.

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