Yealue Vows To Rebrand Governance Commission to Gain Public Confidence

By: Washington Tumay

The newly confirmed Chairman of the Governance Commission of Liberia, Garrison Yealue, Jr. has vowed to rebrand the commission as a means of gaining public confidence through his working.
According to him, the commission has been in the public for the wrong reasons based on minor issues at the Governance Commission.
Speaking to the Public Monday March 20, 2023, the former Nimba County lawmaker now GC Boss said he will first mitigate into those issues that resulted into confusion to ensure that those matters are resolved.
According to him, with his first week at the Governance Commission, he is conducting meetings and identifying those problems that have been negatively impacting the commission.
Mr. Yealue, Jr. said very soon he will formulate a process in finding solution to those longstanding problems that will make the GC a place of peace for the public to regain public confidence.
He further told the media that the position of the Chairperson of the GC comes with specialty, making references to former state personalities who served in the same position before him.
The personalities he named are: Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and now late GC boss and former Interim President of Liberia, Dr. Amos C. Sawyer.
Mr. Yealue, Jr. emphasized that he needs to be careful as a mean of emulating those great leaders who he has succeeded.
The GC Boss assured the public that his administration will use the act of the commission in taking decision for the overall good of the Commission.
“If we are an integrity institution and people look up to us for direction and we can not clean our house and do the right thing, than it will be problem , we do not want people come to us tomorrow and ask how we reached to a decision, what are the processes involved” he said.
He committed to enforcing the GC’s Act and those policies that are guarding the workings of the commission.
The former Nimba County lawmaker said, as part of his vision is institute a monitoring of those various polices across the country.

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