Worrying Signal Looms

By: Patrick Stephen Tokpah

BONG – The Chairman of the Bong County School Board has strongly warned Bongese not to dance to the tune of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) when they have been rejected and completely abandoned by President Weah.

Making remarks at the launch of the Bong County social development fund accountability project which was organized by three (3) civil society organizations operating in the County on February 2, 2022, Mr. Alfredson Taikerweyah cautioned Bong’s citizens not to dance to the tone of the Weah-led government when they have been abandoned and left out of the enjoyment they all strived for during the 2017 electoral process.

The Bong County School Board Chairman said, while it’s true Bongese massively voted President Weah to power during the 2017 general and Presidential elections he’s yet to reward them for the decisions they made by contributing to the wealth and power he enjoys today.

Mr. Taikerweyah in his furious tone explained that there are some executive members of the party that is running from Ministries and Agencies lobbying for the transfer of some members and non-members of the ruling establishment to dismiss Bongese from their jobs, because those individuals have not been dancing to the tone of them in the County, noting that “Bongese will repay him (President Weah) with a handsome reward during the pending 2023 elections.”

“Those who are involved in this devilish act of wrongly advising President Weah not to allow competent Bongese to serve at any Ministerial level is causing more harm to President Weah than good because their actions are derailing the party’s image in the County by the minutes,” he stated.

He further emphasized the abrupt transfer of Mr. James T. Zuannah to Lofa County to serve as CEO and the dismissal of former Agriculture Minister Dr. Mogana Flomo Jramongst others.

He indicated that those who are in charge of the party in the County are in the constant habit of lying to the Standard-bearer of the party that everything is well or good in Bong County.

He said what appeared to be a repeat of the 2018 situation was in the 2020 Senatorial Election where CDC’s Candidate and Incumbent Senator Henry W. Yallah was defeated by the Collaborating Political Party’s(CPP) Candidate Prince Kermue Moye.

He further said even the Party’s Standard Bearer George Weah lifted the hands of former Senator Yallah at the David Kuyon Sports Stadium in 2020 yet still his defeat was massive.

Moreover, after the election of Hon. Prince Kermue Moye to replace CDC’s Henry W. Yallah in the Senate, there was a by-election created in Bong County’s Electoral District #2.

The Coalition for Democratic Change again put forth a Candidate Melvin K. Salvage and has been dragged by PUP’s Candidate James M. Kolleh following days of separate rulings as a result of a complaint filed by the CDC’s Candidate.

According to Mr. Taikerweyah, he’s not surprised to see CDC losing to a new politician James M. Kolleh of the PUP who was announced by the National Elections Commission as Winner of the by-election in Bong County.

Taikerweyah added that if the Weah-led government can’t put its broken pieces together and fulfill its 2017 campaign promises, he foresees a possible defeat in the 2023 general and presidential elections in the Country.

The Bong County School Board Chairman then sent a warning to those who are in charge of the CDC party in Bong County to now begin to advise President Weah to appoint or provide more Bongese the opportunity to serve in Ministerial positions or risk losing the county to the oppositions comes 2023.

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