Women’s Org. proposes recommendations To Address Undercurrents Of Cyberbullying in Nat’l Elections

By:  R. Joyclyn Wea

Monrovia-Jan-11TNR: Post-conflict Liberia has made progress in promoting women’s rights and gender equality- legislating legal frameworks, contributing to institutional strengthening, and overall greater citizens’ education (knowledge) on gender equality and equity.

However, women’s representation in national political leadership remains disproportionately low compared to men. There are several underlying issues; however, within the scope of this policy paper, cyberbullying is flagged and is discussed extensively. This seemingly “new” wave now impedes Liberian women’s political participation. The prevalence of cyberbullying creates hostile and intimidating conditions for women seeking national political roles.

The Organization for Women and Children a non-profit women-led group has proposed many recommendations to address the undercurrent cyberbullying of women during elections.  

Key amongst those is the organization through its executive director Atty. Mmonbeydo N. Joah proposes strengthening awareness and understanding of Domestic Violence Law, addressing cultural barriers, Streamlining Legal Processes and Reducing Delays, Establish Safe Reporting Mechanisms, and Social Media Regulation among others.

Addressing increased physical violence and cyberbullying and fostering gender equality in national political leadership entails tackling existing hindrances women face, particularly physical and cyberbullying.  Atty. Joah said, “By prioritizing awareness, cultural sensitivity, and efficiency in legal processes, we can enhance the implementation of existing laws, such as the Domestic Violence Law, to combat cyberbullying effectively.”

This she said can be done through legislative measures, awareness campaigns, and institutional reforms, Liberia can create an environment that promotes women’s full and meaningful participation in political life.

According to Atty. Joah, by removing these barriers, we can build a more inclusive and diverse political landscape that better represents the interests and perspectives of all citizens.

“Establish comprehensive and mandatory training programs for judges, magistrates, and legal practitioners on the provisions of the Domestic Violence Law.”

ORWOCH ED calls for Promoting a gender-sensitive approach within the legal system to mitigate biases that may affect the enforcement of laws related to cyberbullying.

Joah noted that collaborate with local community leaders and organizations to raise awareness about the negative consequences of cyberbullying, emphasizing the importance of legal measures in protecting victims. Foster a cultural shift that supports the implementation of laws aimed at curbing gender-based violence, including cyberbullying.

“Introduce measures to expedite legal proceedings related to cyberbullying cases, ensuring that they adhere to statutory timelines. This may involve establishing specialized courts or designated sessions to handle cases promptly.” Implement monitoring mechanisms to track the progress of cases through the legal system. Regularly assess and address delays, intervening where necessary to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of legal procedures.”

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