‘Women Urge To Dress Morally’

By: Washington Tumay –Watson onewash9@gmail

MONROVIA-The Secretary of Greater Outreach Ministry, Liberia Annual Conference Women Department, Madam Decontee Kemokai has urged Women across the world including Liberia, mostly the likes of Greater Outreach, to dress morally.

Madam Kemokai  said  the dress code of a woman  should be decent  to reflect the responsiveness of the character at all times which will draw others  closer, and not  to allow  people to go way,  because  of such dressing.

Speaking as guest preacher during the Mother’s Day Program of the Greater Outreach Central Church, Madam Kemokai said, it is not good for woman who is blessed by God to look down on others because of their status in life.

She called on women who are in worthy position to work collectively with others in the community, the church, at work places regardless their status.

Speaking on the theme: “Woman What Are You Clothed With”, Madam Kemokai said, it  is vital  that all women should play  that caring role  as  a mother  who  has  the  ability  to take care of a child  including  the family.

She pointed that  there are lots of mother  that  including, mother  who gave birth  to a child, step-mothers, stressing  that every one  of  those mothers  have  the responsibility  to take care  of  the children  and  the  homes by making show  on their upbringing.

Madam Kemokai mentioned that Christian mothers need to show those values that are associated with love, discipline, protection, caring for their children and the family.

She challenged mothers not to only focus on their personal self and not their children, stressing that for every successful home there is a strong woman.

The Secretary of Greater Outreach Ministry, Liberia Annual Conference Women Department told the congregation that mothers play lots  of roles  within the home that need  to  be recognized  at  all times.

According to her ,  the mothers in  the  homes,  are responsible  to prepare  the children  for school, cook  the breakfast, help  the children to  do  their  school and domestic assignments,  while their fathers’  only concern is to get ready  for work  in the morning .

She further disclosed that if a mother within the home is not strong, that home with the child will be weak, mostly in the upbringing of the children.

Madam Kemokai  said,  all of those things that a good mother will do  for  her children’s upbringing, is intended  to prepare  the family  for their future .

Madam Kemokai added that  the way  through which, a  mother  will bring up   her child or children,  they  will be  in a position in the future  to take care  of them and  the rest of the family  in their old age.

Also speaking was  the Mother of the  Year, Eva Garwoloquoi who expressed gratitude to the women of the Church for granting her the second time as Mother of the Year.

She said they have proven their love to her and the Garwoloquoi family, stressing that she and her family will continue to work in the house of God.

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