Women Organization Calls For Speedy Recovery

By: R. Joyclyn Wea

The organization for women and children has called for a full-scale investigation and speedy trial in recent mod violence in red-light, the biggest commercial city of Paynesville to serve as deterrence for anyone wanting to engage in such an act.

ORWOCH call aligned with a video making rounds on Facebook last weekend showing an inhuman treatment melting against a lady believed to be in her 40s and believed mother of Liberian influencer tribute brown.

In a statement issued by the organization, it says, “We are saddened by video circulating social media platforms of a lady accused of stealing a bike who was mobbed beyond recognition three days ago. Other acts of sexual assault such as calling for and placing pepper in the woman’s vagina, calling for legs to be open, etc.”

The institution condemned such brutality committed in broad daylight in the strongest terms and called for an investigation into this matter.

The organization noted that the legal system calls for due process for anyone’s excuse for a crime.

“In recent times, the nation has witnessed an increase in mob violence, ORWOCH thinks it’s due to a lack of trust in established institutions perceived police correction, and impunity amongst others”.

The release further: “We are equally saddened at the participation of persons younger than 18 years in this act. On this 16th day, Human Rights Day, we note that women’s rights are human rights and a speedy investigation whilst updating the public is necessary to serve as deterrence to the mob in our society.”

It is reported that the survivor is currently in Ghana undergoing intensive medical care.

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