Women of Liberia Honor Fallen Colleague

MONROVIA-The women of Liberia through the ‘Lapper Revolution’ have honored Fallen colleague for her contribution to the women  and service to the country in general.

Atty. Mardea Martin Wiles was an advocate for  women and human rights defender. She died weeks ago after a short illness.

As per the tradition of the women of Liberia, whenever a woman, especially woman who had advocated for the rights of women dies, said person is honored by placing their photo up as a symbol of Liberian women condolences and appreciation.

Speaking at the ceremony on Thursday, August 5, 2021, the Executive director of organization for Women and Children said the placing of the photo is to signify that Atty. Mardea has served Liberia, and her contribution cannot go unnoticed.

“We recognized the contributions of Mardea and her work will not go unnoticed by the women of Liberia she served,” Atty. Mmonbeydo Nadia Juah.

Reflecting on her encounter with the deceased, Atty. Juah bewailed; “I was fortunate to interact with her when we had the Botoe Kanneh case and she had a lot of contributions to make to that submission and I knew she was good intellectually.”

She asserted that it is because of Mardea worked with the fund raising effort that they, as women of Liberia through the Lapper Revolution have come to honor her for her effort.

Similarly; Loretta Pope Kai, Chairperson of the National Civil Society Council of Liberia knowledged that the deceased was a strong human rights advocate for women in Liberia.

“We are placing her photo up today as a signal to the world and to the women of Liberia and the family to extend our deepest condolences and to say we the women of Liberia stand with the family and we will support the family to the end.”

Madam Kai cautioned the women of Liberia to learn from the story and life of Atty Wiles; saying “united we are together and strongest we will be.”

According to her, they have had so many deaths in recent times, especially among the women of Liberia.

For her part, Facia Harris a prominent woman said they have loss  another great woman in the midst of the pandemic, describing the deceased as an un-assuming warrior and a giant in everything she did.

“As a strong professional, kind and welcoming person she was, this is a loss for all of us that grow up looking up to the senior women leaders, she was one of those helping to Mentor us and gave us pieces of advice.”

Madam Harris said they could not gather in the usual number due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Reflecting on her last moment with the deceased, the women advocate  said; “the last time sister Mardea was on this field was the beginning of this year when we did the fund raising to support the women candidates who had cases before the court in tern of the election and she was very instruct mental in that process engaging stakeholders. She continued, “she was a part of the work and she will forever remain in our  memories.”

Remarking on behalf of the family, Atty. Etmonia Martin thanked the women of Liberia and encouraged them  to hold together and continue the work.

“Mardea and others started and we should continue to keep the force and push going. They have gone ahead, we are left behind to continue what they started.”

She furthered; “I’m sure her two children that she left behind who are turning five years December someday, they will grow up to know the kind of mother they had and I’m sure people like you would be around to tell them the story.”

Atty. Martin hope all can grow up to be strong and to be resilience and humble and caring as the deceased.




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