Women Brainstorm Projects To Impact Women

MONROVIA-A global women group under the banner ‘Big ocean women’ ended a day long retreat under the theme: “Lightening the way to a peaceful harbor.’

The retreat which took place over the weekend brought together women from various cottages across Liberia, Nigeria, Ghana, the United States , Sierra Leone among others shared their experience and some projects they have under taken to impact women and girls with respect to breaking barriers on SGBV, domestic violence etc.

The visual retreat also witnessed women from various cottages disclosed projects and activities they which to venture into during the next stage. For instance, the cottage in Ghana says they have begun fixing reusable pads because the normal pad destroyed the environment and affect the globe climate, enhance they need more support from their counterparts in that direction.

During the virtual retreat, Mrs. Kaymah M. Padmore, Coordinator of Faiymah Cottage explained that the group has been gathering virtually across the world during the global covid-19 pandemic.

The gathering Padmore said has had a powerful therapeutic and healing effect on women as they continue to work together to create safe spaces in which to process, heal, and solve problem.

Women’s ability to gather, organize, and collaborate is key to the success of the creation of this safe harbor. She continues “we observes throughout history, women have worked to preserve spaces that would ensure privacy and safety.”

Madam Padmore further holds that women have painstakingly fought for equal opportunity and representation noting that “these hard fought battles depends upon the preservation of language specific to a women’s fully sexed female body and biology.”

Big ocean women believe that each women has innate power to enact change, this power she said is magnified when women gather together and organize.

At the same time, Big Ocean Women focus person Mmonbeydo Joah said the culture of silence and stigma associated with SGBV couple with the covid-19 pandemic where many people lost their job increased the issue of domestic violence.
According to her, most women in Liberia are poor because men are far ahead of them and the covid pandemic has had so much complications on women livelihood.

Joah asserted that women are change leader referencing the domestic violence bill which she claimed was passed due to efforts of the women movement.

“Each woman has the power to bring about change. We are women who believe if faith, family and motherhood regardless of the status of beliefs. It time we all join to ensure a safe space for women and girls around the world.”

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