Woman Kills Another Woman, 27

Reports surfacing from lower Nimba say officers of the Liberia National Police assigned in Tappita, are investigating the gruesome murder of a 27-year-old woman only identified as Mercy.

The alleged incident occurred on Saturday, January 9, 2021 in the town called Behwalay, situated along the Ivorian Border, in Kparblee administrative district of the county.

Mercy, alias ‘Deabah’, was the wife of an officer of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA), Mr. George Rudoah assigned at the Behwalay port of entry.

Mercy, a resident of Yorpea New Town, died allegedly as a result of a fistfight between she and another lady believed to be girlfriend to her husband.

According to the report, George Rudoah has been constantly accused by his wife, Mercy of being in extra love affairs with another woman in the town; something that resulted to tussles between the couple on many occasions.

This allegation against the LDEA officer prompted his wife to keep surveillance on his movement within the town.

Following the watch, on January 9, Mercy allegedly caught her husband right handedly at the residence of the girlfriend also identified as Amnet Mahn at her (Amnet’s) residence which led both women to a fistfight.

However, the situation was calmed, followed by a preliminary investigation by some residents of the area that found Amnet guilty.

Upon return, according to eyewitness’ account, the girlfriend began creeping on the victim between 7:30pm to 8pm.

At the house of the victim, the report indicated that the perpetrator positioned herself behind a house awaiting her return from the bathroom where she has gone to have a shower that evening.

While on her way back from the bathroom, Mercy landed in the hands of Amnet who allegedly took an empty Ivorian beer bottle and hit it on her head.

Falling to the ground, the perpetrator hurriedly drew another instrument, gashed her breast and pulled it down leaving her with several pains.

As she struggled yelling, her husband came out for her rescue, but upon arrival, the lady had accordingly escaped the scene.

Meanwhile, the victim was immediately rushed to a clinic in Yorpea New Town for medical treatment.

However, the clinic could not provide the necessary treatment due to the severity of her condition.

In an attempt to render assistance, the amount of LRD10, 000.00 was realized through rally to hire ambulance for referral purpose.

But unfortunately, she gave up her ghost while transporting her to Tappita hospital for treatment.

This situation led to serious tension that brought a standstill in normal activities in Behwalay Town, causing several properties to be damaged.

The tension was created when family members of the deceased and residents of her home, Yorpea New Town moved to Behwalay, demanding to see the perpetrator.

But upon arrival, she and the victim’s husband had already escaped from the town to an unknown location.

However, total calm has returned to the town following intervention by state security personnel, as full scale investigation into the matter continues

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