Woman 36, Arrested


-For Alleged Possession Of Illegal Drugs

By Esau J. Farr

Report from Maryland County says a 36-year-old woman, Promise Nyema has been arrested for alleged possession of illegal drugs.

Flashback: Confiscated drugs in Liberia

Ms. Nyema, 36, is reported to have been arrested in the Kaluo District in Maryland County near a gold mining site.

She is reported to have been caught with fifteen (15) grams of ‘Italian White’ according to Police sources.

The disclosure was made by ELBC Correspondent in the County on the Super Morning Show (SMS) on March 26, 2019.

According to the ELBC’s Correspondent in the county, the lady was arrested after the newly assigned Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) Commander in the district, Sackie Dean led a raid.

It is reported that shortly after officer Dean was assigned in Kaluo District, he decided to tour the region aimed at acquainting himself with the region and activities thereof.

It was at this point that the LDEA commander observed Promised Nyema (suspect) frequently visiting the mining site mainly serving miners who normally dig deeper underground that led to him inquiring from Promise about the nature and content of her business.

In response, Promise is said to have dangled in admitting or denying selling the dangerous substance to miners, but the LDEA commander used all his security techniques and discovered the quantity of the drugs in the possession of the lady in question.

She was later arrested and taken to Pleebo and the street value of the substance is put at L$20,000.00.

Italian White is a substance (drug) when used by the miners reportedly keeps them working for whole day without rest since they are being controlled by external forces.

The lady is quoted as telling LDEA officers in the area that it was her first time being in possession of such illegal substance, but other mine workers have hinted the LDEA officers saying that it is the regular business of the woman.

Promise is said to be suffering from a foot problem (sore-foot) she encountered as a result of alleged ‘African Science’ (goa). TNR

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