Who’s The Unknown Man In Justice Scott’s Residence?

I saw a man bringing Charloe on his back from the house and put her in the car,” the government’s second witness told the court and jurors on the cross-examination Wednesday, September 13, 2023.

Moses Wright, a witness claims that the on the night of February 22, 2023, was his first encounter with amystery man and that he knows nor have ever met him.

Wrights insisted that there was no male residing in the Justice’s home and that he had no recollection of or information about the man.

“I opened the car door and my boss lady also got in the car but there was no driver,” Wright furthered. “I went outside the fence and saw a guy with mechanic clothes on and I said can you please come help drive my boss lady, and he came along with me; got in the car, and drove away.”

Legal experts believe that there is a strong chance that Varlee Telleh, the Director of the Monrovia City Police was the unidentified man in the Justice residence on the night of the incident.

The Liberian National Police initially detained Tellehas a person of interest after accusing fingers pointed at him of participating in the horrifying murder of the Charloe Musu. However, they eventually released him after taking his statement.

After the incident, the former rebel commander was supposed to give his daughter a name on Sunday after the attack on Justice Scott‘s home that resulted in Charloe Musu’s horrifying murder, but he skipped the event, which is strange.  According to reports, VarleeTelleh lives in the tire shop, Brewerville area the same environment where the jailed Chief Justice lives.

Varlee Telleh’s detention as a person of interest was made with a lot of help from Cllr. Jerome Verdier, the head of the defunct Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Cllr. Jerome Verdier claimed that Mr. Varlee Telleh, the Deputy City Police Director had hands in the attack onthe former Chief Justice. Verdier claimed that Jefferson T. Koijee, the Secretary General of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), ordered the attack.

In contrast, Koijee denied the assertion during a press conference on Friday, 24 February, asserting that he had no prior history of transfusions in the nation.

In her account of the horrific murder of her niece, Justice Scott claimed she ran into the killer in her home’s hallway and pepper sprayed him in the eye.

Another state witness, Erice Odumawu backed the prosecution’s claims that pepper spray was used the night of the event on February 22, 2023.

He said, “I observed the smell of pepper spray in the air when we entered the house that night.”  

Varlee, who showed up with rather reddish eyes at the headquarters of the Liberia National Police on March 9, 2023, for questioning, told media in an interview that he had been injured in an ambush during the Liberia civil war and that ever since then, his eyes had been giving him trouble.

When questioned about his whereabouts at the naming ceremony for his daughter, he said that he had traveled to an unidentified location to obtain eye medication.

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