Who shot presidential Guard?

TAPPITA- NIMBA -Reports from Tappita, Nimba County said a presidential guard t traveling  with the president on a nationwide tour has died and an investigation  has been launched, the  Executive Protective  Service(EPS) said.

Officer, Melvin  Earley  body was seen early Friday morning in Tappita,  Nimba county. As a result of  that,  The EPS said it has launched an investigation into this death.

Thought not established, reports said that he  allegedly shot himself around 06::03 in Tappita while on duty.  Some  people who spoke with this paper from Tappita after his death on Friday said a number of  people are accusing other officers of  allegedly shooting  him, while others  attributed his death to  suicide.

“We heard three gunshots soon this morning. After we heard it, people went to the scene only to see  his body,” one resident said.

Officer Early has been with the EPS for a considerable period  of time. The EPS in a statement said it has launched an investigation into the  incident. It  has meanwhile expressed regret to his family.

President George Weah is currently in a  Town Hall meeting in Tappita. He is expected to depart later Friday for the South East.

A senior officer within the Security sector that spoke with this paper on condition of  confidentiality  said: This is a serious case and there will  be no stone left to get to the bottom of  this. If it is suicide or not,  we will investigate.  The facts will come out.”

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