Who Is Protecting Money Launderer?


MONROVIA-Following day after the publication of a money laundering syndicate  uncovered by the Financial Intelligence Unit, this  paper has been told that the Solicitor General of Liberia is  allegedly protecting  the key suspect  from going  for  investigation.

 Multiple sources at the LNP and FIU alleged that the SG has been protecting Patrick Hermann Wani Diega.  He has been the one effecting withdrawals  from  the account, even though he is not a signatory to the account.

For instance, between 8-24 November 2021 an amount of US$240K(two hundred and forty thousand united states dollars) was withdrawn.  Then  between  24-28 November 2021,  a withdrawal of US$256K (Two hundred and fifty six thousand united states dollars) was made. Based upon this, the bank informed the third party switch, visa and master cards  company to help ascertain the origin and legitimacy of these transactions.

Prime Suspect Diega

Following that,  on December 2, 2021 a visa member bank based in  the Republic of  Slovakia reported fraud against the visa card and the local bank blocked  all  the transactions. This was to the annoyance of Diega who was said to have gone to court to file a law suit.

On December 10, 2021, it was   investigated that a company repressing visa-issuing banks in Ecuador complained to the  local bank in Liberia  against  their card holders by the local bank’s merchant Korlane Investment.

“We called  him to come for investigation at Central, he failed to come. The second time, he failed to come. The third time, he failed and the fourth time, he also failed to come. We were told that the Solicitor  General Cllr. Sayma Syrenius Cephus is the one protecting him from going  for investigation,” one  senior officer at  LNP said.

 When this  paper contacted  the solicitor General for comments, he denied ever knowing   Diega, but said, “the man sued the bank already. A bank cannot block anyone’s account until a court instructs them.” He  added: “I do not even know that person. Why will I protect him as Chief prosecutor?

 That  the man had refused to submit himself for investigation. He replied: “The man was sick. The second time he said he was sick.  That is sickness and no one has control over it.”

 He however expressed   dissatisfaction over the attitude of his aid, Lafayette Gould; whom he  accused of trying to undermine his office.                                                                

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