“Where’ The 4 Billion Liberian Dollars?”

By Mark N. Mengonfia mmenginfia@gmail.com

MONROVIA In recent days, Cllr. Tiawon Saye Gongloe, a presidential hopeful has been on what he calls, “Sweeping Corruption” campaign in Liberia.

He was first seen sweeping in front of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning six days ago.

Few days later, he took his campaign at the Judiciary Branch of Government (Supreme Court of Liberia) and later moved to the Liberian Legislature, the Capitol Building.

He carries with him a small broom in his hand as he is seeing symbolically sweeping in front of those places.

During those sessions of sweeping, he promised to ensure that corruption leaves the country and his action as a ‘president’ will prove that it happens.

It is expected that he will one day visit the seat of the Liberian Presidency with his campaign, but his latest stop was the Central Bank of Liberia, the institution that is responsible for the printing of the Liberian Currency.

On a live video on social media, Cllr. Gongloe said since the Government of Liberia announced the printing of some 4 billion Liberian dollars, the money has not surfaced on the market thus causing a serious problems for the citizens of the country, indicating that the money cannot be printed and it is not in circulation on the Liberian market for smooth transaction of businesses.

He alleged that the printed Liberian dollar banknotes are being kept by the current administration to support their campaign activities in the coming months.

Three months to elections next year, they will be using that money deceiving Liberians to vote in their interest.

Gongloe said, Liberia as a country should have enough money, but those who are in leadership are not doing well for the society.

He said when one visits the banks in Liberia, they are given mutilated money inquiring, adding, “where is the money they printed?”

To complex the situation, Gongloe said the county has taken a different path from other counties by not having lower denomination of its currency thus causing Liberians to be poorer leading to multiplication of poverty.

He linked his inquiry for the 4 billion to the just ended senatorial election in Montserrado County which saw Representative Thomas Fallah spending hundreds of thousands of Liberian dollars to win votes in his favor, Cllr. Gongloe pointed out, “When Thomas Fallah was running here, we saw new money, cantons of money.”

“Governance is for improving the lives of the people and not to keep people in government”, he added as he moved the broom up and down pointing it to the Central Bank of Liberia.

According to him, there is a need for change in Liberia because it has been proven that few people in the echelon of power are richer than the country, “that is why I say electing George Weah next year will be committing suicide.”

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