When a politician gets infected with arrogance… Defeat waits around the corner.

The two major pitfalls in contemporary politics are ‘complacency and arrogance’. These two vices have had tragic cancerous effect on politicians since the days of Napoléon Bonaparte, the self-made Emperor of the old Republic of France.

During his colorful life, Napoléon was diagnosed as been mentally left off center.

Sadly though, the behavioral pattern of this much acclaimed ‘Emperor’ is been been imitated by some heads of states and governments with Uganda’s former head of state, the outrageous Iddi Amin Dada heading the pack.

In today’s convoluted politics, at both the global and national levels, we are observing the resurgence of this misguided performance by some national leaders completely oblivious of its self-destructive effects.

Former United States President Donald trump learnt this lesson the hard way. His enablers made him to behave in outrageous fashion trampling on centuries old virtuous tradition embedded in the Oval office; in that country’s first branch of government and in the Pentagon.

In his final days in office, Donald Trump was completely out of sync with the pre and post-election realities in his country. This turned out to be his undoing.

It is often said that when America sneezes, this Republic of Liberia comes down with a terminal flue.

Since the so-called ‘founding’ of this Republic of Liberia, the behavioral pattern of her leaders, politicians and the vast majority of our kinsmen and women have imitated, hook bate and sinker, whatever is trending in the land of Abraham Lincoln.

With the ongoing post senatorial election saga in Liberia, concerned citizens and residents are getting increasingly concerned over the country’s governance trajectory.

Where ever people converge, in buses, taxis, watering holes, restaurants and most especially in places of worship, the refrain heard is the same.. ‘Where are we heading as a nation?.

It is now over ninety [90] days since the latest midterm senatorial elections, and yet we seem to be nowhere out of the woods as a nation relative to the final outcome of this defining national election.

Not a day passes in this city of Monrovia and in the counties without some concerned citizens, self-anointed civic groups, a heady statesman, Joe citizen, or a disgruntled public official making bellicose statements with the propensity to derail the hard won cardinal peace, this Republic so desperately needs.

Political interference in situations, that are by all accounts, constitutional issues is unwarranted and must not be allowed to infect the trajectory of national governance, neither in developed or underdeveloped countries.

Just as it is between love and hate, the thin line that separates the three branches of government, constitutionally, must be robustly respected at all times by key players in the governance structures.

Only then will the republic enjoy peace, tranquility and national development. Anything less will create fault lines in this Republic’s foundation.


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