“Wetland Reduces Flooding”

...EPA Boss Warms Citizens Of Building On Wetland

By: Mark B. Dumbar

MONROVIA-The Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Wilson K. Tarpeh has warned Liberians to stop building on Wetlands saying that reserving wetlands helps to reduce flooding during the rainy season.

Prof. Tarpeh disclosed that wetlands have the capacity to take in more water to help reduce flooding. According to him, Wetlands are important because it serve as a habitat for water species to consume air and provide a number of ecosystems including fish and other water species.

Tarpeh added that other species enjoy the wetlands due to it coolness and air consumption. He added that the Montserrado Wetlands also serve as a very important component in the forest ecosystem in the country.

According to him, the wetlands help to reduce flooding within various communities in the country.

Prof. Tarpeh added that there are sixteen reboot areas in the Montserrado wetlands which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has discovered during their wetland investigation.

The EPA boss pointed out that the investigation established those areas in Montserrado that are going to be flooded.

He disclosed that the wetlands that are expected to flood are areas where the EPA continues to inform residents and community leaders to be aware.

According to him, the areas that are expected to flood include Jacob ‘Town, Vai Town, Topoe Village, SKD Boulevard, Police Academy Community, Chocolate City Community, and other communities.

“Because of the importance of wetlands we need to create awareness to the public to stop buying wetlands,” he stressed.

Speaking further, Prof. Tarpeh said the investigation on Montserrado Wetlands provides that there was less awareness to the public on WetLands.

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