Western Cluster’s Contributions Make Impact

…says Bomi Acting Supt.

TUBMANBURG-Bomi County Acting Supernatant Amos Cooper last week informed a Town Hall meeting in Bomi that the contributions being made by Western Cluster Limited have made some impact on the lives of citizens of the county.

Mr. Cooper said when the company had not started full operations it contributed to the living standard of the citizens by rehabilitating some schools and other facilities in the county in 2011. Western Cluster Limited made its footprint in Liberia in 2011 but stopped due to some technical problems.

He said the company started full operations in 2022 and made significant contributions ahead of its operations saying that this was important for the citizens of Bomi to understand it. According to him, the company remains a friend to residents of Bomi and the entire country.

Mr. Chetan Savant, Western Cluster Country Head

“When they came in 2011, they still gave assistance to the county and the county benefited immensely,” Mr. Cooper said.

He added, “When you check around the county, you will see some school buildings and other places where they worked on; have made some impact on the lives of this county. I want to applaud Western Cluster for that,” Supt. Cooper pointed out.

He at the same time, called on Western Cluster Limited to remit the balance US$2.5 million into the county’s account so that they will carry out some projects. He lauded the company for making the first payment of US$2.5 million.

Speaking at the same event, a representative from Western Cluster, Mr. Sam Brown said the company intends to work with everyone. “We are thinking about other areas that we can go to. We have begun fixing the roads from Borbor Town to Borla. We also built hand pumps and intend to build more hand pumps,” Brown said.

Western Cluster Liberia is a subsidiary of Sesa Goa a Vedanta group company engaged in iron ore mining in Western Liberia.

The company said since 2011 it has invested approximately US$300 million in the country, including payment for the concession rights; US$15.5 million payment to the Community Development Fund; construction of two major bridges-the Klay Junction Bridge and the Gui Town Bridge; upgrading and maintaining the Tubmanburg to St. Paul River Bridge Road; and several other communities and infrastructure development initiatives.

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