Western Cluster Limited Inducted into The Liberia Chamber of Mines

MONROVIA–With less than six months after its entry into the Liberia Iron Ore mining sector in the country. Western Cluster Liberia  Ltd has made a robust move by becoming a member of the Liberia Chambers of Mines. Western Cluster Liberia  Ltd is part of  Vedanta Group company and signed Mineral Development Agreement in  2011,  but suspended operations due to  Ebola and Covid.



Mr. Chetan Savant

The Company felt the need to become part of an organization that is a consortium of mining companies and businesses. LCM was established to help strengthen the role of the sector actors in advancing the mining industry of Liberia and complementing the government’s efforts in achieving some of its developmental goals.

The induction ceremony was done last week. The Executive Director of the Liberia Chamber of Mines, Mrs. Monique Cooper Liverpool expressed confidence in its performance. According to her, the Chamber of Mines is also focused on the private sector, and not only on companies holding licenses.

Madam Liverpool, who has vast experience in mining, added that the Liberia Chamber of Mines membership is not only limited to mining companies, but also extends entities providing legal services, logistical, geological, transportation services, and other types of supply chains.

“That’s how we create a more vibrant mining industry through our association. It is very encouraging for us to see Western Cluster Limited coming back in the mining area,” she said further. “There are processes that help transport the iron ore from the rail under the transportation sector, there are also so many things that the Liberia Chamber of Mines brings to the sector.”

Mr. Kamara and Mr. Savant

Receiving the certificate of induction, Mr. Chetan Savant, Head of Western Cluster Liberia thanked officials for creating a smooth pathway for them. He said he was glad for the company to be a member of the Liberia Chamber of Mines which pushes the interest of its members.

“Government is the regulator of the sector and I think by establishing this group it will help unite us for the common goal of our sector,” he added. The Liberia Chamber of Mines has a little over 30 members and it is open to recruiting more members.

Also speaking at the event, the president of the Liberia Chambers of Mines, Mr. Amara Kamara said the existence of The Liberian Chamber of Mines will create an avenue to have one voice in the mining sector. Kamara said it’s a big boost to have a company like Western Cluster Limited join the Liberia Chambers of Mines, describing the group as a big platform for advocacy and advisory in the mining sector.“ For us, it’s a big boost to have us being part of this association as a member. It is a big platform for advocacy, so, to be a part of this, we are happy.

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