TUBMANBURG-One of the major concession companies in Bomi County, Western Cluster Limited has officially observed World Environmental Day with top county officials gracing the event.

Speaking during the event, an executive of Western Cluster Limited, Samuel Brown welcomed the county delegation and other partners and said the objective of the occasion was to formulate plans on how to save the environment as part of the observance.

According to him, the company in line with its observance visited the Bomi County Community College (BCCC) and the county’s hospital, and also the company’s facility.

Also speaking at the occasion, Western Cluster Limited General Manager, Chetan Savant said the observance of the day is to educate the public on water pollution and other things that affect the environment.

He disclosed that plastic pollution is affecting the environment including the fishing industry.

Mr. Savant further narrated that plastic pollution and others are affecting the communities mostly the water wave.

He wants the citizens and business partners to get involved in addressing the issue of plastic pollution through an awareness campaign on the prevention of plastic pollution.

According to him, education plays a key role during the observance of World Environmental Day.

“We need to educate, we need to spread the awareness.” He said there is a collaborative action in finding solutions to the effect of plastic and other pollution that are destroying the environment.

Mr. Savant called for collective efforts including the community residents to keep their community clean.

Also speaking, Bomi County Senator, Edwin Snowe expressed gratitude to the management of Western Cluster Limited for organizing such a vital event in the celebration of World Environmental Day.

Senator Snowe encouraged the citizens to safeguard the environment by keeping it clean at all times.

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