Western Cluster Limited Reiterates its Commitment To Socio-economic Development

MONROVIA-Western Cluster Limited (WCL), a subsidiary of Sesa Goa, a Vedanta group company engaged in iron ore mining in Western Liberia, has reiterated its commitment to contribute to socio-economic development, through road rehabilitation from St. Paul River to Tubmanburg in Bomi County.

The rehabilitation work has significantly improved the movement of traffic in the county, thus making it easier and more time-saving for locals to commute and enhance economic activities and development in the area.

Several citizens, including business partners, their employees, and youth leaders, expressed their delight and appreciation for the quick turnaround by WCL in transforming the road infrastructure.

Before the reconditioning, the road was inaccessible with several potholes, creating unsafe driving conditions for travelers.


WCL has contributed US$1.5 Million towards the road rehabilitation process in Bomi.

Also during July & August 2022, WCL did temporary pothole rehabilitation by providing over 300 truckloads of hard rock for compacting work during the rainy season by spending around US$80000, to reduce inconvenience to commuters.

Prior to the rehabilitation work, the road was unsafe and was posing difficulty and hardship to the commuters. The project beneficiaries appreciated WCL for taking up this road rehabilitation project.

Varney S. Roberts, a driver along the road said: “Well, for now, the road condition from VOA (Voice of America ) Junction to Tubmanburg is much better than in the past.

In previous times, the road was very bad-off, at least for now, the road is much better.

“The time we used to take from here (VOA Junction) to Tubmanburg was longer than. First, we used to take one hour, one hour 10 minutes, or one hour and five; but for now, we can use 45 minutes to get to Tubmanburg.

“When the work started, we did not know who was doing it, but sometimes we used to stop and ask those working on the road to know who was fixing the road they told us it is Western Cluster Liberia”.

So, we just want to tell them to thanks them for the work they are doing for us.

Jimmy Gaspar, a driver along the road said: “thanks to Western cluster and the government of Liberia. They are doing well with the rehabilitation. Now, you can even sleep and drive now.”

Presley Thomas, a passenger said; “Yes, the road was in a deplorable condition, thank God for Western Cluster Liberia. They have gone like 70% of the road. At least, cars will not be spoiling fast-fast. The drivers will not charge us too much because the road is now better than in times past.

We are now saving cash because the road is good and the drivers are now taking lesser time than in the past.

Also, the Town Chief of Sass Town, Mr. James Seh said: “WCL is doing well when it comes to the road issue. You can ride smoothly now. This time, there is no too many dodging potholes. From here to Klay and from here to Duala is very fine. They are doing well, but again I will want them to do more for us.

The Youth Leader for Demeh Town, Benson J. Kanneh, said Citizens in the area are very thankful to Western Cluster. He said, too many accidents occurred in the town and too many vehicles got stuck in the mud. But with rehabilitation, the number of accidents has reduced. However, they want speed breakers to be erected near checkpoints.

Abraham Tulay, a commercial driver along the Bomi-St. Paul Route, said the rehabilitation has enhanced active commercial activities in the area.

Rehabilitated road

Mr. Chetan Savant, Country Head of Western Cluster Ltd., said, “We are delighted to have contributed to the rehabilitation of the road from St. Paul River to Tubmanburg. We remain committed to supporting the development of the communities in which we operate and will continue to work toward the betterment of the people of Liberia. We are currently in the early stages of our operations in the country, and as our operations grow, so will our ability to do more for the people here.”

The Ministry of Public Works is monitoring road rehabilitation work through its approved contractor to ensure the quality is up to specified standards. The rehabilitation work is expected to facilitate trade and commerce and contribute to the socioeconomic development of the country.

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