Western Cluster Limited Cleans Tubmanburg

TUBMANBURG–Western Cluster Limited over the weekend, in collaboration with the city council carried out a massive clean-up exercise in Tubmanburg, Bomi County.

The company operates in three counties-Bomi, Cape Mount and Gbarpolu.

But as a start, the exercise was carried out in collaboration with Bomi County City Council.

The ceremony started in Central Tubmanburg on Saturday and brought   Several people from different sectors of society, including those physically challenged to give the city a facelift.

Several citizens were seen in high gear with their working tools along the side of the roads, marketplaces, mosques, Churches, and in communities brushing and picking plastic bags.

Speaking to reporters when he launched the campaign, Western Cluster Limited country head, Mr. Chetan Savant said the mining company deemed it expedient to carry out such work because they are part of the society and also in commemoration of World Environment which falls today, Monday, June 5,2023

Mr.  Savant said it is good to keep the area clean for all its inhabitants. Savant spoke of the need for citizens to properly dispose of their garbage and as well limit the use of plastic.

According to him, plastic waste is dangerous to the human and aquatic lives.

According to him, when plastic waste is not properly managed, it poses a serious threat to the survivability of humans, animals, and aquatic dwellers.

“Plastic is harmful to human beings, plastic is harmful to animals, plastic is harmful to ocean life,” he said.

According to him, the huge dumping of plastic in waterways is damaging ocean life.

One thing he promised the County was Western Cluster Limited will keep collaborating with the county in keeping their environment clean.

Bomi County City Mayor, Varney Keh who was seen with excitement said, “I am happy. When it comes to clean-up, this is their first time to join us. They have been joining us in many other initiatives.”

He said the collaboration took him by surprise because when he visited Western Cluster Limited for a proposed football tournament, he had an encounter with Savant at which time he was told that he was told of the Saturday’s cleanup campaign.

He said Savant told him, “I understand that the first Saturday is a major cleaning up campaign day and I will join you. I said yes, and shook his hand.

The Bomi County City Mayor said he feels proud that the company joined them in giving their city a facelift.

“Western Cluster Limited is a good partner to us. You see how the citizens are in a jubilant mood?” he asked a rhetorical question.

He said it was the first of its kind for the company to have joined the city in a major clean-up campaign, an initiative he said he is grateful to the company for.

Like Savant, Sup. Keh called on citizens to ensure their garbage are managed well.

He said the US$75,000(Seventy-five United States dollars) provided by Western Cluster will be used to get Kia Motor and tricycle to aid the Bomi City government manage their waste.

“The collaboration with the city government is a serious boost to the city government,” he said with big laughter across his face.

Pointing his hand at one of the City’s government workers who was carrying garbage in a wheelbarrow, the mayor said with the money provided by Western Cluster Limited, they as a city government will soon graduate from the manual method of conveying their waste.

Abraham Green, a citizen of the county who was seated in a wheelchair said, “It is a very good thing to see people taking initiative.”

When he was asked for his own contribution, Mr. Green said, “My contribution is to start from my home.”

He said he will help educate his children and citizens on the proper disposal of garbage.

Siah T. Johnson encouraged the city government to provide garbage ben in public places for the proper disposal of garbage in the city.

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