West African Elders Warns NEC

By: Perry B. Zordyu

Former Nigerian President who is also head of the West African Elders Forum, Goodluck Jonathan has warned contemporary staff and the Board of Commissioners at the Liberia National Elections Commission (NEC) against manipulation of elections results.

Goodluck Jonathan speaking to reporters during the just ended presidential run-off election in Liberia said if such is done, it will be undemocratic and has the propensity of derailing the peace of the country.

The ex-Nigeria Head of State urged Liberians and contemporary staff as well as Election Commissioners to be peaceful and report numbers that are legitimate adding it is written on walls and any cause to attempt changing the results will lead to the country’s backwardness.

The West African Elder Forum head noted that it would be unscrupulous if the election result is been manipulated as doing so could lead to intense disruption and may cause chaos. Goodluck Jonathan spoke recently when he toured various polling places across Monrovia.

In another development, the West Africa Network for Peace-building (WANEP) is calling for a reopening of the Election Situation Room (ESR) for the Presidential Run-off Election.

WANEP said it will help in providing the public on what is unfolding over the run-off election, adding that it is intended to peaceful conduct of the electioneering process and will provide strategic responses to prevent and mitigate election-related incidents.

Meanwhile, the West African Network for Peace-building (WANEP) is calling on the National Elections Commission to continue engaging the public through their media platforms to ensure the results are known to the public.

The group is therefore, calling on political parties and citizens to exercise patience and keep the peace while waiting for the process to progress and conclude in line with the Electoral Laws.

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