“Weak Law Enforcement Jeopardizes Country’s Stability”

…Former VP Boakai Asserts


By Perry B. Zordyu Email: zordyuperryb@gmail.com

MONROVIA-Former Vice President, Joseph N. Boakai has described as weakling the enforcement of laws in various sectors of the country including the Drug Law of Liberia.

Ambassador Boakai, Standard-barrier and Political Leader of the former ruling Unity Party said the inability of law enforcement officers to handle the primary functions of their job description is causing serious damage to the security sector something he said jeopardizes and creates instabilities to the country’s flagging democracy and scare away investors.

Ambassador Boakai attributed the country’s weak law enforcement capacities to the incursion of drugs into the country for which 90 percent of young people in the country are being mentally damaged. He made specific reference to the recent US$100 million drugs case which was lost by the Government of Liberia. Boakai said this has opened room for more drug more deals thus, constantly creating the atmosphere of not adhering to the rule of law.

Addressing a news conference Monday, June 26, 2023 at his Rehab residence in Paynesville, the Unity Party Standard-barrier stressed that these atrocities have befallen the country thus making it a clear manifestation that the country is now shifting to another dimension under the leadership of the weak President George Manneh Weah.

The former Vice President added that the inflow of drugs in the country has caused Liberia to break international boundaries and ties with surrounding countries from whom Liberia hope to achieve greatness.

“It is now obvious that the Weah-Taylor Government is incapable, incompetent, unwilling to see it as a national emergency in targeting and illuminating drug dealers and their users. We Liberians should see this as a gateway of rooting them out through our votes at the ballot box,” Amb. Boakai added.

The former ruling Unity Party Vice President maintained that it will be prudent to elect a responsible leadership that will institute appropriate measures to bring growth to the young and look at crises and the extent to which these crises are to be handled accordingly to target the existing criminal justice system who will not sit and allow drugs traffickers win case knowing fully well that it is against the law.

Former Vice President Boakai’s statement comes in the wake of the recent drugs case when government agents on May 24, 2023 accused four men who were detained in Liberia on accusations of smuggling US$100 million worth of cocaine that have since disappeared without a trace after a jury unexpectedly ruled them not guilty.

Ambassador Boakai then called on Liberians to reasonably vote the CDC-government out of power saying, his administration will strengthen the law enforcement sector in the country.

Since the Government of Liberia lost the US$100 million drugs case, there has been public criticisms from several quarters against the Liberian Government.

It has seriously ruined the country’s image in the eye of the international community. The not guilty verdict in the US$100 million case has created disenchantment amongst Liberians both at home and abroad as many of the citizens are aggrieved about the entire drug saga that has now taken over the young people in the country.

Many believe the recent drug case has given rise to the inflow of drugs coming into the country Nicodemusly something they said has the propensity to undermine the health system and making the young people to fall prey to drug abuse.


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