Weajae, Guduah Towns Residents Hail BMMC go

By Perry B. Zordyu Email: zordyuperryb@gmail.com

Residents of Weajae, Guduah Town in Grand Cape Mount County have praised Bea Mountain Mining Company (BMMC) for its continuous fight in enabling their towns become bettertowns.

The residents said since the coming of the Swedish Company to Liberia, lots of positive transformation has taken place in the various towns.

According to General Town Chief, Singbe Cole, Bea Mountain Mining Company has constructed a clinic for kids and their mothers. He said the clinic is not just for the kids but also amajor boost to their health something he said is extremely doing well for residents of Weajae, Guduah Town.

Mr. Cole furthered that the company has built a school that could host probably over 200 students for elementary.

“Since being here, our children’s education has been a serious setback for us, but we thank God that Bea Mountain Mining Company has turned the page around for us by building a decent school where our children can have quality and better learningenvironment,Weajae, Guduah Town Chief added.

It can be recalled that too many rumors have been in the media that Bea Mountain Mining Company, a Swedish Company has turned down the MoU signed between the Weajae,  GuduahTown residents and the company for not doing the needful.

It follows quotes that the company is just exploiting resources from the area without an authentic agreement with residents coupled with bad labor practices at the detriment of the citizens and not adhering to the MoU signed.

But the information seems to be untrue and unbalanced as it is only intended to damage the credibility of the company when a team of journalists visited the scene.

At the same time, the Town Chief has called on the company’s management to help pave some major feeder roads in the town.

Singbe Cole, the General Town Chief stressed that if the feeder roads are well paved, it will reduce the 2-3 hours walking distances and give easy access to their farms and fast-track information sharing with other nearby villages and towns.

Also speaking, the head of women of Weajae, Guduah Town,Hawa Thomas praised Bea Mountain Mining Company for itstremendous contribution since their coming into Cape Mount County. She at the same time, appealed to senior management of the company to help women of the town with loan to enable them engage in various businesses.

According to her, people who work with the company from the town are not many adding that if the loan is given, it will speedily ease what she terms as troubling condition for women in the town.

Hawa Thomas reminded the company of the serious exclusion of women in the government sector as well as social corporate institutions to foster the needs of women on the average of work and education.

Both General Town Chief and Town Chairlady spoke with journalists recently in an interview.

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