Weah Will Win 2023 ELECTIONS

By: Washington Tumay Watson-onewash9@gamile.com

MONROVI-Sinoe County Senator Milton Teahjay has disclosed that no matter what political forces the opposition political parties will formulate to unseat President George Weah in the upcoming general and presidential elections, President George Weah will win.

According to Senator Teahjay who is a member of the Mr. collaborating Political Parties, with  the level  of developments  president   Weah led government  is providing  for  the people  of Liberia, has given  him  the   free way  for his second term victory.

Speaking on the State Radio, senator Teahjay  who also proclaimed that the  disunity  that  is  also  within the CPP   is  one  of the factors  that will give free way  to  president George Weah wining.   He told  the public  that  if   the CPP Leadership keeps He further disclosed  to serve as campaign Chairman for President George Weah presidential bid for Sinoe County in   the upcoming general and presidential elections.

According to him, the Citizens that include youth, women, chives, elders religious leaders   of the county have asked him to lead   the campaign for president Weah second term.

The Former Congress for Democratic Change Member in 2005 told the media that he will deliver Sinoe County to president Weah against his CPP Candidate.

The Unity Party Senator who is not seeking to go on the CPP Ticket  in 2023  for  his re-election as senator  of the Sinoe  but as an independent candidate,  said  with  the level of developmental projects  he  has undertook  and  is  undertaking  new projects  will give  he and president George Weah victory  in the county.

Senator Teahjay named some projects he personally undertook that included the construction of a city hall, teacher’s quarter, an elementary school among others.

He further name the construction of roads that will give access   to the various towns that do not have roads with in Sinoe County.


“The elders in the county have asked me to run, the youth have asked me, the women and religious groups have asked me. I am not prepared to disrespect them.


He said, it was sad that the CPP was in confusion and blamed Mr. Alexander Cummings.

“As long as Cummings does not become the standard bearer of the CPP, he will destroy it. Weah will be on  the boat  headed for Washington DC on a   ride. Weah will win.  They do not  know the kind of  damage they are causing to themselves.





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