Weah Urges Liberians To Unite


By: Washington Tumay Watson –onewash9@gamil.com

MONROVIA-President George Weah has urged Liberians home and abroad to unite and foster peace and reconciliation as they celebrate   this year’s Christmas, regardless of their political differences.

Speaking   Friday during the Christmas cantata and the official lighting of the National Christmas tree, President Weah said the event symbolizes the official commencement   of the seasons in Liberia.

The Liberian Chief Executive further narrated  that Liberians are aware  that Christmas  is the time  of  the year  that  Liberians share  their love with families  and friends stressing  that Liberians must all strive  to extend   their helping hands  in order  to show how much he or she care in charity   to  their  community residents.

President Weah further indicated that Liberians should do away with what every that have prevented them from uniting should be dispense during this season.

“Liberia including many stomps including most recently the hatch consequences of the Coronavirus crises “President Weah noted.

The Liberian Leader was quick  to noted  that  the coronavirus  is yet  to be eradicated but said  together  as people  they were able  to reduce  the calamity  experienced  as a nation.

He however disclosed that it is a testament   to the togetherness   of Liberians stressing that Liberians have overcome many diversity from the foundation of the country in 1822.

President Weah told  the gathering  that  in 202  the nation will celebrate  the bicentennial of  the struggle  of   the formulation  the country people  as a nation  that commemorate   the arrival  of the first group of   free slaves.

He said the bicentennial is a celebration for all Liberians out of political, religious or social affiliations.

According  to him, during  the celebration Liberians as people  will show  the country rich history , tourism  and investment potential opportunities  and  at the sometime   they as people  will consolidate  with  the Liberians diaspora  and strengthen Liberia close ally  the United States of America.

President Weah during  the event  described  this year’s  Christmas  as a promising  and special, emphasizing  that  it is his quest  for all Liberians  to join hands  so  that  they can continue   to build  the nation.

He said together as Liberians they are stronger for the overall good of the country transformation.

The Christmas cantata and the official lighting of the National Christmas tree hosted by the office of the Chief of Protocol of the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs on the Grounds of the Executive Mansion was graced by members of the diplomatic community, the Former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, government officials, members of the religious community among others.

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