Weah Takes Campaign to Rural Liberia

Having shaken up Montserrado County in the first and second week of his campaign activities, President George M. Weah is expected to storm rural Liberia to continue the message of hope for his reelection in October as his six years of leadership come to an end.

The President over the past weeks, has been in the rain and sun pushing harder to a one-round victory come October 10, Presidential and Legislative Elections.

Incumbent President George Manneh Weah climaxes Phase one of his 2023 political campaign targeting 17 Electoral Districts last weekend leaving trails of celebrations, excitements, endorsements and ground games across Montserrado County.

Following nearly two weeks of what many described as electrifying campaign, the President once again proved to be the most popular incumbent presidential contestant with swarms of citizens following him from communities to communities in recent weeks.

His “Citizens Engagement Activities”, as the CDC campaign is dubbed, come ahead of the October 10 polls in which he is seeking reelection to, in his words, “keep the country on the current progressive trajectory of peace and unprecedented development.”

The CDC Standard-bearer began the engagement activities in Districts# 8 and 7, Montserrado County before climaxing on Saturday. Districts 13, 15 and 17 which brought the entire District# 17 to a standstill as never seen before.

In District 13 on Friday, a crowd of human tsunami swarmed President Weah’s convoy as it slowed its way into the community where he reminded citizens about the importance of keeping the country on the present course of progress made in the last five years of his presidency.

At the rally, President Weah assured Liberians that he would not veer from perfecting advancements made both economically and developmentally, but that he would rather work far harder in improving on the gains made in the last five and half years.

He told the huge crowds of supporters, well-wishers and partisans that he has never faltered on his promise even in his struggling days coming up as a boy.

Similarly in District# 15 where the Representative of first-time voters in Amadou Jalloh enthralled President Weah with an electrifying speech of appreciation for his stewardship in Africa’s oldest independent republic, particularly the free tuition policy at all public universities as well as payment of WAEC fees for all 12th graders across the country.

President Weah informed citizens of District# 15 that they should continue to anchor their trust and belief in him to be able to take the country to nobler heights of development.

He said, “I want you to know that I am your lone development giant; you can count on me that I will never make you shame. I am doing everything to care for you because I was in the same position that you are in today and I feel morally obliged to improve your standard of life.”

The CDC Standard-bearer said he is the only candidate in the race who has the undeniable and unbeatable record of standing with Liberians during and after the civil war, sponsoring thousands of young people in school in a bid to prepare them for leadership.

The Liberian leader wooed citizens to keep believing in him as they have done six years ago when they didn’t know him, stressing, “When you didn’t know me, you entrusted the leadership of the country in my care; now that you know me, and I have been working for you successfully, you can trust me again for more developments.”

In District 17 where he climaxed the two-week engagement activities with citizens in Montserrado County, President Weah first dedicated a newly constructed market in the Banjor Community with enthusiastic residents and marketers shouting, “One-round victory, one-round victory!”

Addressing crowds of residents of the District later on the famous Administrative Building Field, the President repeated his message of hope, of opportunities and of more developments for the country and people saying it would be inexcusable and suicidal to return the Unity Party to power after it squandered every opportunity to move the country forward.

He thanked Liberians for giving him the opportunity to serve as their President and to develop the country in a way never seen since independence.

The President informed citizens that his government has carried on more developments–building roads, more schools and hospitals in the period of five years–than any other government during their first terms in the country’s history, and pleaded with them to give another term to complete the work he began.

“In 2017, we came to you to vote us in, and you didn’t make us shame; this is why I am doing everything in your community to make you happy. I want you to vote for me on October 10 so that I continue to develop this country and your community,” the CDC Standard-bearer further emphasized.

The President further asserted: “I have never made a promise that I didn’t fulfill. I have never done it in my life, and I will never.”

The President said it is high time Liberians remain loyally constant to uphold the transformative legacy of development he has shown in his first term of office, promising another progressive development undertaking in the years ahead.

As the CDC campaign enters its second phase in rural Liberia, President George Manneh Weah is expected to rally citizens in Southwest Counties of Bomi, Gbarpolu, and Grand Cape Mount for a one-round victory in October.

Weah and his campaign team are expected to move into rural Liberia to continue campaign activities by convincing the electorates because they should give him a second chance as President of Liberia.

They are taking the message of hope to citizens in various counties to get their votes with just 49 days to conduct the Presidential and legislative Elections.

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