“Weah Is taking Risk”

says Wilmot Paye

The Chairman of the opposition Unity Party (UP), Wilmot Paye said that president George Weah is taking a risk by conducting the country in a form which is becoming unhealthy for its citizens.

That if such trend continues, his distance to going to the war crimes court in The Hague was becoming shorter by the day.

“He is taking risk, a very expensive risk that will back fire for him in the future and not too distance future. I hope he would be reasonable enough to reflect on it,” Paye told this paper in an exclusive interview.

His comments, he said were triggered by recent violent activities in electoral district number 15 between supporters of representative candidate Telia Urey and Abu Kamara. This led to Ms. Urey’s vehicle getting smashed by people believed to be supporters of Kamara. Kamara condemned it and the police has commenced an investigation.

The two candidates contested for vacant seat created following the death of Representative Adolph A. Lawrence.

President Weah had condemned the violent activities according to deputy press secretary, Smith Toby.

Paye said, president Weah is aware of all that is going on in the country and would be held responsible at the appropriate time.  He debunked the notion that Weah was not in charge of running the country and some of this ministers were in charge.

“No. He is aware of what he is doing. He is calculative before he takes an action. It is premeditated of all the others who are members of his team at the lower level, who plan to execute his instructions.

Paye said the economy was in bad shape because the CDC-led government does not have solution for solving the problem.

To this end, he gave this advice:  “He should be aware that the possibility is there for him to be held accountable for his actions and in actions, especially so as it relates to wastage economic sabotage and the continued violence being perpetrated against peaceful people.”

He added: “There is a potential for him to go to war crimes court in The Hague.  It is getting very, very high and higher.  You do not have to be involve in typical combat before you can go to The Hague.  He should not forget what happened in Kenya, when electoral violence erupted and the leaders were indicted. Some of them were acquitted.  They have to exonerate themselves later.”

Paye said the level of suffering in the country was increasing by the day and was of concern for everyone.

“The suffering is getting bad. The world is now a different place. This is globalized now, whatever you do here you cannot go free. See what happened in Sudan, where the former leader, Al Bashar is on trial.”

He added that president Weah needed to be know that he would neither be the first or last president.

“He was not the first president that established this nation and definitely he will not be the last president. Whatever actions that legally and constitutionally  he supposed to take,  which he is refusing to take today, is taking this country, to the next leader, by the grace of God, is going to muster  the courage to take them.

“Some of those actions, for example, will be the freezing of assets belonging to public officials, assets that were acquired the moment they ascended to their offices.  Those things will be subject to public scrutiny and investigation to be done to know whether those assets have been acquired legally.”

Then he continued: “He cannot regiment a whole society. Taylor could not do it, Doe could not do it and no other leader is going to pretend to regiment a whole society into thinking how that society wants to think. It is against the survival and the existence of that nation.”

But the presidential Press Secretary, Isaac Solo Kelgbeh differed with Paye. He told this paper in an exclusive interview that the comments were unhealthy.

“This is regrettable and laughable.  I think his (Paye’s) accusations do not represent the actual person of the president. They are contrary to the true nature of who president Weah is.”

“The president, from the onset of the entire process, he has been preaching peace. The president has never one day supported violence. He has issued statement calling on all parties to refrain from that. To date, Paye and his likes are yet to call on their supporters to remain peaceful.”

“The utterances they have been making in the past, mainly Telia Urey and her father are the ones that are probably hunting them; but rather  they are looking at the statements  by  the political comments  made by the president to say that the Urey do not have history of winning. And is a clear fact that the Urey do not have history of winning. The Dillon cannot win elections under his watch. Dillon won, did the president challenge any result? No.”

He continued: “Some CDCians are probably angry because the comments those from the opposition are making, mostly, Telia Urey and her father have made in the past. In July of last year, Telia Urey posted on her face book page the picture of the president with people throwing stone at him. He (President Weah) belongs to a party and he has followers. Those same followers she referred to them as tiny, tiny CDCians. Those are provocative comments that can push anybody to the wall. Her father called them cockroaches Are those comments fair for them to be celebrated? TNR


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