Weah Got Deceptive Endorsement In Bassa

By Washington  Tumay Watson

The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Grand Bassa County Campaign Manager, Dr. Laurence Bropleh has revealed that President George Weah got deceptive endorsement during the November 14, run off presidential election.

Dr. Bropleh noted that most of the political leaders and candidates who endorsed the reelection of President Weah were deceptive and they did not work to ensure that their endorsement actualize the reality of the election results.

Speaking Monday December 18, 20 23 on OK FM Dr. Bropleh said with such deceptiveness on the part of those  who endorsed  the reelection of President Weah in Grand Bassa County, the team was able  to work something that allowed the CDC to winthe county during  the runoff.

He attributed some of the factors that affected the CDC numbers in Grand Bassa to the issue of trucking of voters in the various districts and were unable to return for the run off that was only for the presidency.

Dr. Bropleh further alleged that some of the candidates who endorsed President Weah were giving funding to truck their supporters back to the county during the runoff but they were not interested, mostly the Representatives and Senatorial Candidates.

“We got many persons who came on our side, they came with speeches lacking substance and attitudinizes trust, they came and said we are here to help, we will bring our people on your side, with the number and calculation, in honesty the coalition would have won Grand Bassa with highest number but it did not happen to be honest and that was a deception,” he said.

He told the media that politics brings deception something that he said knowing that it will happen they as campaign team fought further noting that if they could not fright the results from Grand Bassa for the CDC was going to be even lower than what it is now. Dr. Bropleh also described trucking as terrible that needs to be look at during elections.  

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