Weah Gets Local, International Pressure


-As UN Backs End Of Impunity In Liberia

By R. Joyclyn Wea

Recently, seventy-six local and international human rights and advocacy groups including the Citizen’s Action for the establishment of War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia, petitioned the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Committee regarding the establishment of the War and Economic crimes court.

As the result, the UN put the government of Liberia under the spotlight and government allegedly promised to get back to that human rights body but has allegedly failed to give the UN a definite position in that regard.

Due to this, the human rights and advocacy groups again met with the office of the High Commission on Human Rights of UN in Liberia and this time disclosed that the UN is fully backing the end to impunity in the country.

Speaking with this paper in Sinkor, on Wednesday, August 16, 2018 regarding the engagement with the UN Human Rights Commission, the Chairman for Citizen’s Action for the establishment of War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia, Fubbie Henrrie asserted that President George Weah will have to choose but to adhere to their calls the UN is now involved in the process.

“The President will have no option but to ensure that the TRC recommendations are implemented so we are going to keep the pressure. All they need is constant pressure to know that people are not sleeping or taking it for joke.”

He indicated that the UN is fully backing the end of impunity in the country and if the President should attend the UN General Assembly in September of this year, he (Weah) will have no option than to speak to that.

The rights advocate claimed that the Liberia government headed by George Weah is not independent but beggar therefore she would have to pass said instruments as recommended in the TRC Report.

Henrrie claimed that they have relationship with international partners and have been working as there are series of communications sent to the Liberian Head of State over the last few months from their international counterparts.

“I can tell you for free, that President Weah will have no option than to pass this instrument. The kind of government we have we depend so much on aid and donors support so we think that our partners that are gear toward supporting this government in those directions will start to look at these things and hold her to it.”

He noted that international partners, particularly the UN would not sit and allow justice being swept under the carpet for no reason.

Additionally, he emphasized that they are not going to engage in any form of abuse or throwing of stones but going to keep the pressure on government both locally and international working with all partners they can work with to ensure that the right pressure is placed on the president to enable them act in order for the people of Liberia to get justice.

Meanwhile the group through its Chairman has expressed dissatisfaction and disappointment in Speaker Bhofal Chambers for allegedly pre-judging their petition while in committee room pending hearing.

Speaker Chambers is reportedly on record for saying that they as government were seeking the road map for restorative justice as oppose to the recommendations mentioned in the TRC reports; this, Henrrie stated that as per the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) establishing the TRC, the legislature does not have a say to said recommendations rather than to implement the instrument as required of them.

He asserted that the reason why people would hold back from passing such instrument is either he or she is a party to War and Economic Crimes or want to engage in same act.

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