“Weah Doing the Work, Let Them Do the Talking “

By: Washington Tumay Watson-onewash9@gmail.com

Liberia’s Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor has strongly reacted to critics of the Coalition for Democratic Change-led Government indicating that President George Weah is doing the work and letting them do the talking.

According to Veep Howard-Tayloy, the Liberian leader through the Government is undertaking impactful and transformative projects across the country mostly in the educational and health sectors.

Speaking Monday on the state Radio in Paynesville, the Liberian Vice President said under the leadership of President Weah in five and a half years of his leadership, schools have been building across the country that include technical vocational training programs with state-of-the-art equipment.

She also named the upgrading of the Bong County Technical Collage which has all of the infrastructure development including chairs, research laboratory equipment, and qualified instructors that have allowed the administration to conduct three graduations since the government of the CDC.

“The Bong Technical Collage is fully functional and they have programs with a laboratory; it was not like that when we met, they did not even have chairs, I got give from my friends who gave me two stamp hubs that included digital with all kinds of printing and I took one to Bong Technical Collage,”  she said.

The Vice President Name the training of over hundred and sixty instructors in various technical vocational skills will shortly return to the country to be assigned at the various newly constructed and upgraded technical schools across the country.

She further disclosed that President Weah is contemplating including the 9th graders’ WEAC fees as the 12th graders’ WEASSCE fees as a means of taking some financial constraints from parents to meet up with their children’s educational obligations.

 The Vice President said the government is paying such money to WEAC which is an international body that the government needs to meet up with such commitment.

She further disclosed that the government has constructed more health centers and hospitals including the training of specialized doctors and the inclusion of health workers on government payroll as a means of keeping Liberians on the job.

VP Taylor added that all the developments under the visionary leadership of President Weah have allowed Liberians to make a decision to retain his leadership for the transformation of the country.

She urged Liberians to choose between a continuation of the payment of WEASSCE and WEAC fees including the tuition in all public universities and colleges or cancellation of these tangible developments by former Vice President Joseph Boakai. 

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