Weah can’t improve Liberia

…says Brown


MONROVIA-Former information minister and ambassador to the United Nations during the Johnson-Sirleaf government, Lewis G. Brown has said that President George Weah has failed and disappointed thousands of Liberians that voted him to the presidency.  As a result of that, he cannot improve the country and should not be voted into power.

Serving as a guest on a local radio talk show, OK FM, on Tuesday Mr.  Brown disclosed that he voted for the president in the past elections but is disappointed in his leadership abilities.

“I thought the office would have changed him. But that is not the as,” Brown said.

According to him, the disappointment has made him to redirect his support to the ANC political leader, Mr.  Alexander Cummings who he thinks will provide better leadership to Liberians when voted in office 2023.

In his words, President Weah doesn’t deserve a second term because he has failed massively and dashed the hope of Liberians.

Mr.  Brown stated that he has known the majority of the candidates vying for the presidency longer than his preferred candidate, but his decision to support Mr. Cummings was derived from his leadership style and abilities.

He argued that Mr. Cummings has not served in any political office but his cooperative service at the highest level at the Coca-Cola bottling company is evidence that he is a good leader.

Mr.  Brown called on the government to stop the guilt by association and challenged them to prosecute him if found guilty of any crime committed during his service in the past government.

On reports that his decision to support Mr. Cummings was influenced by his former boss, he denied it. Mr. Brown was a one-time strong critic of madam Sirleaf when he was in the National Patriotic Party of Liberia-NPP. But after the scene discussions with madam Sirleaf, he accepted to work in her government first as minister of Information and later to ambassador to the United Nations. He is said to be a smart politician.

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  1. Jacob Doe J says

    Lewis Brown, you are an opportunist who is chronically unsrupulous and unprincipled. Your new benefactor Daniel Cassell has been indicted again while in jail. You were trashed out of this government because you were bribed to sell vote at the UNGA. YOU BETTER PRAY CASSELL DOES NOT EXPLAIN EVERYTHING, AND YOU END UP IN JAIL.

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