WEAC Releases 2022/23 Results Today

By: Washington Tumay Watson-onewash9@gmai.com

Authorities of the Ministry of Education and the West African Examination Council (WEAC) will on Monday (today) August 21 release results of the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

The Deputy Education Minister at the Ministry of Education, Latim Dathong disclosed that the Ministry of Education and WEAC will conduct a major press conference to fully information the public concerning the WASSCE results.

On his official social media page, the Deputy Education Minister posted, “The WASSCE results are genuinely outstanding actually surpassed our expectations.” According to him, after reviewing the results, it was one of the best ever in the administration of WASSCE.

High schools across the country await the WASSCE results before graduating their 12th graders who took the WASSCE   in line with the Ministry of Education mandate.

Recently, the Ministry of Education pronounced that no high school nationwide should graduate their students until the result is released by WEAC.

Administrations of high schools across the country are said to be adhering to the mandate in line with the Ministry of Education policy.

Most parents have been inquiring about the delay in releasing the WASSCE results by the Government through WEAC, but there have been no official responses concerning the delay of the results.

With the information disclosed by the Deputy Minister on his social media platform, many high schools as well as parents are excited to get their students and children result for speedy graduation.

According to information, some prospective graduates of various high schools have taken some university entrances and are awaiting the WASSEC results for enrolment.

Due to the delay, some individuals took to social media and posted fake WASSEC results that prompted political commentators and actors to politicize the release of the results that there was a massive failure. 

Due to such unconfirmed information, authorities of the West African Senior School Certificate Examination issued a statement clarifying that at no time did the WEAC release any result as was speculated in the public.

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    Thank you for the update on the awaiting results of our students and thank God for the successful passed

  3. Karpen Marvelous Garsaynee says

    So excited to hear this delightful results of our senior students who sat the test and came up with a great results

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    Many Thanks and Appreciation for the updates, and thank God for Successful Passed.

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