‘We Will Support This Team In Full’

The African Liberation Leagues (ALL) Political Leader had received assurances from residents of the Battery Factory and Topu Hamlet along the Somalia Drive that they would assist the party in winning the next elections in October.

“We will support this team in full. This ticket is our ticket. I will be in it to ensure your message of development is peach in the community and beyond,” Iman Kabbah speaking on behalf of the Muslim Community committed to the party.

He further assured the party of the community unwavering support and votes come October noting, “The people of Battery Factory are with you in this.”

An elder from the community of Battery Factory said the party did not erred in choosing Mr. Simeon Babbay Monbah as its Vice Standard-bearer in the upcoming October elections praising him as a man of peace, unity and development during the selection ceremony of the ALL Vice Presidential candidate, Mark Roberts.

“We are not speaking politics but rather for the stand of development, he’s a brain of a brain being your Standard-bearer and a man among the men, and we believe the party will spread not only in Liberia,” elder Robert said.

Prince Tamba, the community’s youth chair, commented during the occasion that he feels the transformation and development they seek are already taking place and that by assisting those who have a vision, this can be achieved.

He claims that the ALL ticket is the most qualified in the race for the presidency, thus, “If we were to award it based solely on qualifications, we should do so.”

“The ALL is here to say no to Kough and free them from drugs and addiction. The message designates for those of us who are unemployed. This is why we have come to be part of the process,” Tamba noted.

“Do not act like the others. Take the community as your next target and I will be there for you,” the Chairlady of the community assured the party.

Mr. Simeon M.B Moribah has been announced by the African Liberation League (ALL) as Mrs. Sara Beyslow-Nyanti’s vice running mate in the upcoming October 10 Presidential and Legislative Elections.

Mrs. Nyanti revealed the decision at a gathering in the Battery Factory Community stating that Mr. Moribah’s skills and experience in human resource development throughout the years had a role in the decision.

She thinks Moribah can collaborate with her for a better Liberia because of his services over the years.  “This man you see here today is a selfless person who has stood and represented this country during its critical moments (war),” she profiled.

Mr. Moribah stated in his message of acceptance that they would work together to guarantee that the country undergoes a positive transformation. He warned voters against selling their votes adding, “People who buy votes lack a clear vision for how to improve the lives of the nation’s citizens.”

He also disapproved of Liberian leaders who frequently traveled abroad but refused to put into practice what they saw there. He said, “Politicians travel and see good things, come back and refused to implement them in their own country. What a shame.”


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