“We Will Name And Shame Sex Offenders”

…. Gender Minister assures

By: Mark B. Dumbar

MONROVIA-The Minister for Gender, Children, and Social Protection (MGCP) Williametta E. Saydee-Tarr has assured that every sex offender in the country will be named and shamed.

Speaking Thursday, June 8, 2023 at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) Regular Press Briefing, she pointed out that this time every sex offender will be named and shamed on a billboard for others to follow.

According to her, the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection will take legal action against those individuals that are involved in such bad behavior of raping our young girls. She added that girls should not be ashamed to discuss the issue of menstruation in public and private places.

Saydee-Tarr stressed that without menstruation there will be no humans on earth. “Girls need to discuss menstruation without any fear,” she pointed out. Madam Saydee-Tarr noted, “In every family there are women.”

She urged girls not to be ashamed to discuss menstruation issues with their peers in other places. “This is every woman’s month blood,” she disclosed. Madam Tarr added that the only reason that we are on earth is because of menstruation.

She added that there is nothing to be ashamed of as a woman. Tarr furthered that without women going through that process, there will be no human. “It is necessary for women to menstruate,” she disclosed.

The Gender boss furthered that the necessary material for menstruation should be given to Liberian girls and women. “We should not take the menstruation issue to be like an evil thing in Liberia,” she pointed out.

She revealed that in those rural areas around Liberia, girls do not go to school when they are seeing their period. Saydee-Tarr noted, “It is wrong for girls to stay home because of menstruation.”

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