We will fix things…president Weah response to citizens’ call

SuehnMecca–President George Weah has told  citizens of SuehnMecca  district  that he will do all in his power to effect developments in the place despite the failure of former  past officials.

Speaking in a town hall meeting in Suehnmecca district, Bomi county, president  Weah said it  was sad  that  residents in the area  did not  have  good roads  and other social services.

SuehMecca  is a district where president  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, former  president who ruled Liberia for 12 years   hails from. The roads to the place are in a deplorable conditions.

The citizens said   they  do not have  mobile network in the district.  “There is no secret call in SuehnMecca due to the poor network connection in our respective communities”,   Adam Johnson Koroma, acting youth chairman in the area said.

He added due to the lack of network , it is affecting  the operations in the district.

He said it was  impossible  for their children to carry any research work in the absence of internet.

“Our children are good like those in Monrovia but the necessary things to help improve their learning is lacking as such, we call on you to assist us”,  he appealed.

The poor network connectivity  was experienced by president Weah when he visited the farm of Senator Edwin  Snowe when he wanted to  make urgent call. There was no network.
“I wanted to make an important call but I was unable to do so due to poor or unavailable network”, this is embarrassing as such there is a need for said issue to be addressed, President Weah added.

He said, his government would do all in its power  to fix things and help the people of Bomi.

Bomi is noted for producing top government officials over the past years. For instance,  during the regime of  former president, Samuel K. Doe, the speaker of  the house of  Reprehensive Hon. Samuel Hills came from Bomi.  Also, former speaker Alex Tyler during the regime of president Ellen  Johnson Sirleaf hails from Bomi.  Not only that, but also,  some of Charles Taylor’s relatives come from Bomi  county.

The former president of Liberia and Africa’s first female president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf comes from Bomi. Her farm is within  SuehnMecca  district.

But the county lacks road connectivity,  drinking water, poor  health center among others.

After his speech, many residents in the district commended the president for his developmental ideas.  The Sirleaf family later  honored president Weah  for his good level of work and also appointing the  minister of Internal Affairs, Varney Sirleaf, who is related to former president Sirleaf.

“For us here today, we want to thank the president  for telling us he will fix our road  and see about  network here. We are happy,” Oldman Kemokai said.

With all these, president Weah said, he would do all in his power to ensure that  citizens have good roads and internet access.

Prior to going to SuehnMecca, president Weah  planted  a tree at the Forestry Training Institute and opened the newly constructed building of National Social Security and Welfare Corporation regional office in Tubmanburg in which he thanked the NASCORP family for putting up such development . Tuesday’s tour was his second day tour of his  second leg of his nationwide tour which he started over a month ago but had to rest for few days.

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