We Welcome The US Support To The Pro-Poor Agenda


IT IS ALWAYS said in a famous Liberian parable that if a child cries, at times, he or she always cries with his or her mother’s name.

AND SO, IT is the case with Liberia and the United States of America when it comes to historical and bilateral ties dating back at the origin and establishment of Liberia as an independent and sovereign state.

ALL ALONG, MANY are aware that any government (whether elected or interim) of Liberia that does not get the support of the World’s supper power, such government is doomed to fail no matter what.

WITH THE US PRESIDENT, Donald Trump taking up to five months before officially recognizing the new government of Liberia led by President George M. Weah was a worrying sign; thanks to the US State Department for the release of Mr. Trump’s communication to President Weah to relief many of their political and bilateral stress that was fast developing.

AND IT CAME to past that said political plague passed over the people of Liberia thus paving the way for President Weah’s planned visit to the UN’s Headquarters in New York, the USA to attend and address the United Nations General Assembly.

WITH THE SIGNING of a US$112 million grant agreement between the government of Liberia and the United States of America through USAID recently, there is now some signal of relief for stronger bilateral ties between the two traditional friends who are almost inseparable in terms of political and economic viability and co-existence on the global scene.

IT IS BECAUSE of this move made by the US Government through its international development implementing arm, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) that we welcome and acknowledge the support of the US to the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development.

WE THINK THAT this is timely especially when it is coming at the time the economy of Liberia is in an unstable condition while at the same time struggling to rebuild bilateral and multilateral ties with other countries of the world amidst the current state of affairs.

OUR ONLY PRAYER for the Government of Liberia (GOL) is for God to endow its officials, especially the key decision makers and advisors with great wisdom likened to that of King Solomon of the Holy Bible in steering the affairs of the country for the professed prosperity and development to rein all over Liberia that even the ‘Blind’ will see it and celebrate the impact and effects. But not to be the same old Liberian thing. NR

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