We must support African Herbs…Says Onanuga


MONROVIA-May 5 –The Chief Executive Officer of Kool FM,. Christopher Onanuga has said it important for Africans to support their African herbs and was not necessary at this time to get approval from the World Health Organization-WHO.

In a post on the station face post page, said: “We must totally support the drugs from our local herbal doctors in Africa any day, when we have GOWA, THROWN ON US, who do we run to? Yanganfo, who do we run to? When we take lemon grass or Jologbo, and get healed, when we rub chalks on our bodies to clean skin or to adjust bornz and they work, are they done in hospitals?”

He continued; “How come our languages were turned to dialects and theirs even smaller in spoken population were considered languages and we agreed in the first place, how stupid have we been as a people? When they come to these same forests of ours to collect raw materials to produce their white tablets and make it so expensive, we are left suffering without knowing what to do, to get same at cheaper cost.”

He added, “we must admit here and now, the discus on having approval from WHO, AMERICA or any other health body, before we sanction the use of the HERBAL condiment is outrageous and counterproductive to our own AFRICANNEZZ.”

Mr. Onanuga said it was time for Africans to revers to its origin. “It is high time we reverse the trend, just the same way they are reversing religion and all else. Just the same way they are opening our eyes to accept same sex marriage, we must return back to our roots, take position and be used  at least and see if we live better or worst. WE ARE WE AND MUST NEVER FOR GET WHO WE TRULY ARE. Our ways, culture and tradition, helped us live longest then, we took their ways and we die young and are all sick. The Brazilian Amazon forest inhabitants, the Aborigins of Australia and other continents, though still living Primitive lives, are far more healthier and live even longer than us who have everything they have suggested to us as great and wonderful in keeping us healthy, the Question is WHY, HOW? Until we pick our Identities and follow them through, we are in trouble.”

He added; “Even when we consider our cultural and traditional values, we will realise we have suffered at their hands and must have a change in opinion, ideology and re commit to true principals of existence, They forced their forest to vanish that we may never grow, we are threatened to keep ours, what a crazy world.” TNR

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