“We Must Promote Liberian Fashions”


-Founder, CEO of The ‘Master-B Fashion Design’ Asserts

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of “The Master B Fashion Design” is rallying Liberians to promote their own fashion design which will showcase the country to the international community as a brand from the oldest African Republic.

The oldest Republic on the African continent is known to the international community for its rich natural resources reserves including iron ore, rubber, gold, diamond, and the largest rainforest in the West African sub-region which makes agriculture activity an easy thing to venture into, but the country is not globally known in the fashion industry.

In an interview with a team of journalists over the weekend, Aliou Bah said Liberia shouldn’t only be known by those natural resources, but should be known in the international community for fashion design, an innovation his business center, the “Master-B Fashion Design’ is professionally good at.

According to him, Liberians must follow Liberian designs and help export it to other countries rather than going to China, America and other countries when it is right here in their beloved country.

Established a year ago, the “Master-B Fashion Design’ currently leading the country’s latest prize in the manufacturing of different African fashions, designs and styles, which include the “Novela, Cass Paussi’ere, Marie Capable”, all of which are being produced and designed by the “Master-B Fashion Design”, a local Liberian and African fashion wears designer group.

Bah lamented that despite the enormous potential the country possesses in leading the future for the best African traditional attires, the lack of home manufacturing and the appetite for the promotion of such designs has been a challenge for the nation’s fashion industry, a trajectory in which the “Master-B Fashion Design” group hopes to change through the collaborative efforts of Liberians and others.

He however commended interest from some Liberians in reaching to his entity to get some of the materials, but said things have since changed due to the current economic constrains facing every sector of the country.

“Yes, we receiving customers here. Some people are showing interest in what we do and getting some of the materials. We are hoping to invite people from other countries to come and see what we are good at,” he said.

Master-B, as he is affectionately called disclosed that he was the fashion designer for the ‘Runway Liberia’ recently held at the Paynesville Town hall.

“Recently I was the designer for one of the contestants, Miss Fire, I took charge of everything and dressed her,” he added.

Due to his expertise in fashion design, Bah has been invited on several occasions to lecture his peers and those contemplating on going into fashion design.

“I have participated in the training of Liberians in fashion designs and other basic skills. We are always in the business of educating young people in this country because we believe this is the only way that we can move the society forward,” he asserted.

Regarding challenges, Bah said “People are not aware of fashion design and how to bring people together and understand what is African fashion and most especially Liberian fashion and the lack of understanding among the designers because most often people afraid of competition.”

Meanwhile, Bah wants the Liberian Government and officials to help them showcase them to the international community by buying Liberian fashion designs and invest into the fashion industry of the country.

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