“We must not Destroy our Country”…..President Weah urges citizens

MONROVIA,  Dec 7-President George M. Weah in a nationwide address   Monday urged all Liberians to protect the country and avoid violence.

His less than four minutes address on state radio, comes at a time when Liberians are expected  to go to the polls on Tuesday in a mid-term elections in which two representatives and   15 senators will be elected.

“We must not destroy our country for the sake of promoting our political interest. Let us use the ballot and not violence to choose our leaders. We remain on nation one people , one  glorious land of Liberty  by God’s command,” he said.

President Weah condemned Sunday’s elections violence in Grand Cape Mount County in which an opposition candidate, Simeon Taylor two vehicles were set ablaze by unknown persons. He condemned the act and said those responsible would be brought to justice.

“There is no place for violence in Liberia. All those responsible will be prosecuted under the laws.”

He called on all Liberians to be free as they go  to the polls on Tuesday.

“We should all be free and safe to participate in theses elections.  It  is my constitutional duty  as leader of  the country to ensure  that all  persons can exercise  their  democratic  rights to vote freely,  fairly and peacefully.”

He said, it  is the responsibility  that  he takes   very  seriously.  “I have therefore   instructed the national security  to  take all necessary measures so that  each and every voter is  protected  during voting.  I urge all political leaders to  also use  their  platforms  and influence supporters to refrain  from provocation, which leads to violence  at the pools. Liberia is the  only country  we have.”


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