We Condemn The Death Of Journalist Khashoggi


IN RECENT TIME, Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi national and U.S. resident, was killed inside in Saudi Arabia consulate by a team of Saudi agents and his body cut up. Khashoggi had gone to the consulate to   process marriage documents; he had planned to marry a Turkish woman.

WHEN HE WENT missing, the Turkish government said he was killed. But was denied by the Saudi Arabia government saying that he left the consulate. However, after intense international pressure, it was suggested on Friday by the Saudi government that journalist Khashoggi, a critic of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had died in a “fist fight” in the building.

JOURNALISTS ARE people helping to report facts and expose ills in the society. Now, if journalists must help the world to be a better place, they must be given the democratic space to exercise what they love and passionate about.

JOURNALISTS shouldn’t be used as sacrifice when there are differences in democratic ideologies.

WITH THIS, the death of Khashoggi must not only be condemned by all civilized nations, but extra actions such as international isolation, sanctions be placed on the government of Saudi Arabia if it is established that it sanctioned the death of the journalist.

WE DO NOT want to melt in their politics, but we are just advocating for the journalist who was murdered in cold blood.

WE THINK IT’S AN international crime for individuals to preplan the killing of a journalist just because of his critical reporting against a powerful regime in Saudi Arabia.

SUCH GRUESOME murder must be condemned by all irrespective of status. This is barbaric, undemocratic and the United Nations, United States of America must swiftly intervene immediately.

WE COMMEND THE TURKISH Government for opening investigation into the situation, but we think those found culpable must face the international court to serve as deterrent for others.

THE UNITED STATES is said to be aware of the post report, but must ensure that those guilty face the weight of their crimes and shouldn’t just condemn the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.  We are not happy about the statement made by US president, Donald Trump that Saudi Arabia is their major ally in the Middle East and had bought several billions of military weapons from them.

AS THE WORLD super power, we want the US to ensure that justice is done in the murder of the journalist.

THE CONFLICTING accounts over the situation if not handled with care and urgency, we think it will further deepen a rift between Saudi Arabia and Turkey, both regional powers that have competed for influence in the region.

MEDIA INSTITUTIONS around the world have been enormously proud to publish his writings. Khashoggi was a reporter of the Washington Post newspaper.

WE AT THE New Republic Newspaper strongly condemn the gruesome murder of the journalist.

WE THINK THERE is no justification for killing a person, especially when he is carrying out his professional responsibilities.

DESPITE OF ALL THESE, journalists must be protected in their duties, freedom of speech must be upheld at all times no matter how critical the journalist may be in any society.

ACT NOW AND do the right thing if the world will be a better place for all to live.

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