We Can Do Better


…..says Cllr. Gongloe

MONROVIA-Dec 31-Opposition politician and presidential candidate in the 2023 election has called on Liberians to do better come 2023.

He made the call on Friday in a special message to Liberians. Google is running to unseat president George Weah in the next election in 2023. He is running on Liberia’s People Party-LPP.

“Fellow Liberians, we cannot afford to continue on this path of mediocrity and system of poor governance. We all have a personal as well as collective responsibility, especially in 2023, to help institute a responsible governing system that is actually responsive to the needs of the People,” he said.

He added:  “As we enter the New Year and reflect on the pending presidential and general elections, I ask you to support our agenda for a better Liberia. A Better Liberia is Possible!

“As we prepare to enter this New Year, I wish to encourage all Liberians to begin a process of sober reflection on the current state of our country. We all have a duty and commitment to Liberia to make it a better place, where everyone can thrive and live in peace and harmony without fear.

“For far too long, our resources continue to be mismanaged, while human rights abuses and endemic corruption permeate our society without any accountability. The struggle with issues of poor governance is getting progressively worse under this regime. People are dying in droves due to the poor healthcare delivery system. The education sector and all sectors of our economy are failing so fast like a tsunami. These situations are making a large segment of the population more vulnerable and unable to meet their daily survival needs, while only about less than 5% enjoy the wealth of the nation to the exclusion of the rest. This is simply wrong.

 “I urge you to think about where this country is today and where it could have been with a system of good governance, given its age as the oldest independent African nation. We can do better. And we must do better to redeem our lost image and prepare a brighter future for our current generation and the ones unborn.”

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