“We Are Suffering’’

-Liberians Tell President Weah

By: Washington Tumay Watson –onewash9@gmail.com


MONROVIA-Several Liberians have registered their frustration over the way through which the Coalition for Democratic Change-led Government is proceeding with the country under the leadership of President George M. Weah.

Speaking in a phone call on a cross-section of local media talk shows in Paynesville and that of Monrovia, those irritated Liberians including others across the country are unable to obtain a beg  of rice  due to its shortage on the market.

According to  them,  countless  Liberians are going to bed with  starvation only because of the government’s inability  to address  the issue of  the lack of  the country’s staple.

They indicated that the government is not providing the rightful information to the citizens.

Some of the callers urged the government to do away with politics   and focus on the constraint that the majority of the citizens experiencing.

Those Liberians indicated that it was vital for President George Weah   to   speak to the nation on the progress the government is making   in finding a remedy to the situation.

They told the media that Liberians want the government to be proactive in addressing this critical issue that is affecting the nation.

Some of the callers recounted that President Weah was misled by his officials when he returns from the United Nations General Assembly that rice was  in the country  and  made him to answer a question from reporters  that it was street  talk.

They noted that  if  the President had been fully aware  of  the situation on ground while  he was  away,  such assertion from him was not going  to be said,  describing  his statement as provoking to the citizens who are going  to bed  with hunger.

  Some callers called on president Weah to dismiss those who are reasonable for   the condition that Liberians are undergoing.

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