We Appreciate The US$0.14 Price Reduction In Petroleum Product


It Is Said that it is good to give a man his flowers while he is alive perhaps to smell them instead of them being placed at his grave site when he will not be in the position to see it before smelling it.

And That We will always call a ‘Spade’ a ‘Spade’ and ‘Baabon’, a ‘Baabon’.

In Other Words, we will place the truth where it always belongs; constructively criticize when things go bad and commend when the interest of the greater majority of the citizenry is sought.

There Are Equally other important pressing concerns needed to be addressed by this current administration of President George M. Weah like the prices of basic commodities which the price of petroleum product that serves as one of the major driving forces or factors is of no exception.

That Is Why we want to appreciate the President of the Republic of Liberia, H.E. Amb. Dr. George M. Weah for the quick and timely reduction of the price of Petroleum product in Liberia by US$.14 per gallon or from L$590 to L$540 which we hope and pray that said price regulation will be monitored by all citizens including importers of Petroleum products in Liberia as well as commercial drivers.

As We All strive for the rebuilding processes of our country, Liberia, all we can do as citizens is to love the country first, love and forgive each other by protecting each other’s interest and bearing each other’s burdens since development comes with pains and tears while at the same time leaving behind long lasting memory be it good or bad.

While We Appreciate government for the reduction in the pump price of Petroleum products in Liberia, we also want to register herein that

our expectation is high if not higher for the announcement of further reductions in the not too far distance future.

Not Only That, but we also want transport authorities, especially the Federation of Road Transport Union of Liberia (FRTUL) in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport to work out on the setting up and releasing of new transport fares between two points and or locations to avoid daily confrontations between and amongst commercial drivers and passengers or commuters.

This Is Very important because, despite said announced and visible reduction, commercial drivers are still over charging passengers both at Urban and Rural Settlement levels.

If This Is done, then citizens will have clearer ideas of how much to pay between two points and not be left to only survive at the mercy of commercial drivers; most of whom are mainly bent on exploiting passengers.

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