Water Sanitation, Hygiene Gets Boots In River

By: Washington Tumay Watson onewash9@gamil.com

MONROVIA-River Gee County Senator Jonathan Sogbie has committed his fullest support in improving   water sanitation hygiene (WASH) with in River Gee County.

Senator Sogbie said the need for WASH cannot be overemphasize.

The River Gee senator was speaking Friday November 5, 2021 at his capital building office when FEED Clive Society organization hosted a meeting with him.

Senator Sogbie told  the gathering that  due  to  the significant  of addressing  the issue of WASH  especially  within  River Gee county , his office  was able  to provide  hand pumps  with  in  those rural communities especially  the mining areas that he visited.

According  to senator Sogbie,  he did sign  a consent form  with  the objective  of supporting  the WASH  within  the county  and  that of the legislature .

Senator Sogbie  said in line with such commitment  during  his visit to those mining  towns with in River-Gee County  with many  young people,  he observed  that  those  towns  did not have safe drinking water including schools.

He said  the young people  within  those towns were  requesting him  to purchase football  and jerseys , something according  to him,  he told   the residents  that  he was going  to build pumps  and a school  and not  to focus on such request  of purchasing football and jerseys.

“ I said  to  them football and jersey  are  the least of  your problem; first  ting first , let me take the initiative to construct an elementary school here  for  these children not to be denied   the right to education” he indicated.

He said building an elementary school and hand pumps were his concern to protect the future of Liberian children.

The Co-Chairman for Youth and Sports Committee at the Liberian Senate Sogbie also disclosed that the inclusion of WASH within the River Gee County Development Found will be one of his agenda in December during the county seating.

He urged the team to assign a focus person at his office who will keep him apprise with those basic information concern the WASH sector so  that he can make  those relevant  interventions.

Senator Sogbie further wants the activities of the WASH Commission to decentralize mostly to those countries that are in the remotest part of the country.

Speaking early,   the Executive Director  of FERD  Jonah Toe  extolled  Senator Jonathan Sogbie  for signing unto  the CSOs  of  the county wash press card  in 2020 .

According to him, it was an honor for the CSOs to have had such discussions with the lawmaker concerning WASH situation of the people of Liberia specifically River Gee which need are vital to ensure economic development.

Mr. Toe said the FERD and other civil society organizations have been engaged in creating awareness among the people about   water sanitation hygiene and to enable them to take several actions responsibilities in very constructive ways.

“Our group is not involved in service delivery at construction but we create awareness with support from Water Aid Liberia, and we work with the county team and administration in River Gee and Grand Kru Counties.” he noted.

He further disclosed that those areas that they are working in River Gee County   the inhabitants are drinking   from unsafe water and are engaged into open defecation.

Also speaking during the gathering was the Executive Director of United Youth, Timothy Kpeh who  reflected on the role that civil society organization that led to the establishment   of the National WASH Commission with the responsibility to regulate the sector.

He said  there were many national and international organizations working  in the area of Wash, but  there were no national institution  that were regulating  their activities, until  they as civil society  organization engaged  those   the political actors mostly  those  of  the legislature to singed unto the   pelage card.

Mr. Kpeh further disclosed that they are also engaged in educating the community residents about human rights on those basic things that included safe drinking water, toilet among others.

He also indicated that they are educating the community residents   of taking ownership of those public facilities with in their communities.

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