“Watch Out”

Newly Appointed Deputy Minister for Press, Public Affairs Tells Critics

By Mark N. Mengonfia

MONROVIA-Since President George M. Weah appointed Mr. Jarlawah A. Tonpo to replace dismissed Deputy Information Minster of Press and Public Affairs, he has received lots of criticisms that he is incompetent to take on the job as Deputy Information Minister on grounds among other things he is too diplomatic.

Many took to their official social media platforms with long post justifying that the President made the wrong decision to have appointed Tonpo at a place they considered as major propaganda tool for the government of Liberia.

Others have said that he has the education, but lacks the ability to speak to critical national issues and that the benchmark set by Isaac Jackson and Eugene Fargone to have the position vibrant, will be diluted by the presence of the newly appointed minister, Amb. Tonpo.

But responding to the many criticisms after his confirmation hearing at the Liberian Senate, Tonpo said those who said he lacks the ability to do the work for which he was appointed, should watch out for him.

He said, “I know what I am capable of doing.”

Mr. Tonpo went on saying, “So those who are spreading the negative information let them watch out proper decimation of factual information from the Minister of Information.”

He has promised to not just talk because he wants to, but will coordinate how he goes about with his information sharing to the public.

Additionally, the former Director of Press at the Liberian Senate said he is not in competition  with anyone when it comes to his job stressing that his way of talking will not change nor will he want to spread false information.

Early Thursday, June 24, 2021, President George Manneh Weah nominated Jarlawah Tonpo as Deputy Minister for Press and Public Affairs at the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism (MICAT) to occupy the emptiness created at the Ministry when Deputy Minister Eugene Fahngon was relieved of his duties on Wednesday night.

Tonpo holds Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication and a Masters candidate in International Relations (University of Liberia) and a Masters candidate in Public Administration at the University of Liberia.

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