WASSCE Test Materials Arrive In Liberia Today

By Mark N. Mengonfia- mmenginfia@gmail.com
MONROVIA-Following the death of some workers of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) last month due a boat wreck, test that should have been written were postponed to an unknown date and time.
It is expected that this weekend or nextweek, the remains of those workers from the wrecked boat will be laid to rest.
Appearing on State Radio, ELBC morning talk show, Education Minister, Prof. Ansu Sonii said discussions are ongoing with the aggrieved family members of those who passed (died) for the burial of their late relatives to take place and give way to the expected regional exams in weeks.

He said, “This week is like a final discussions are ongoing with the family members.”
The Liberian educational boss said they are in sympathy with the family, but was quick to add that cannot cancel test as it has to be administered as planned. “The accident has happened and those who lost their lives we now need to find remedy as to want to do and so forth” the educational Minister added.

Updating the nation on educational issues, Sonii said the regional examination arrives in Country today, August 12, 2021.
When quizzed as to how they intend to have the exam materials transported to the Southeastern part of the Country, he said they [MOE] are engaging with the WACE team adding, “They will have to use the roads, if it takes weeks or so.”
“There is nothing safer way then the roads.”
According to him, “Whatever happens, they will have to use the road because people will have to take their exam the same time.”

According to him, they cannot administer the exam to some students and leave others out of the process.
Speaking about how the test will reach the Southeastern part of the country, he said, “It is being planted out, there are two options on that table.”

The Education Minister said the two options are either the test materials are transported via the way of Ivory Coast and back to Liberia in the southeastern or make use of the existing bad roads in the country to have the test transported to students in that part of Liberia by all means.

Minister Sonii said if the test cannot reach the students in those hard to reach places of the country and other countries start administering of the test, it will mean that Liberia will have to forget about writing the test for this year.

His justification was that every Liberian child who should write the regional test regardless of their distance, they should have the opportunity to do so and if some counties will have to do the test while others leave out, there is no need for it this year-although he was quick to say he does not that it happens.
Additionally, the education boss said Senior High students will stay in school until the end of September while those in 12th grade will as well be writing their West African Senior Schools Certificate Examination (WASSCA Exams) in the same month.

10th and 11 graders will remain in schools to cover up for the material lost last year and part of this year.
The Junior high should be closing schools by the 15 of this month.
Up to now 9th gathers are yet to complete exams while the 12th graders exams are still in the making to be written in September of this year.
According to him, instead of doing the junior high and senior high separately, the test has to be written the same month.
He is hoping that by this weekend, they will come up with a calendar to that will be made public.

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