‘Warrant Factions, Supporters Must Go To War Crime Court’

By R Joyclyn Wea

A Liberian clergy wants those who committed atrocities and heinous crimes in the country during the war years should be taken to court to face justice.

Rev. Mack Kpartakpah speaking With This Outlet 

According to Rev Mack Kpartakpah of the Growing Grace Ministry, the World Crime Court should not only be for those who took arms, but rather people who supported them as well.

Rev. Kpartakpah called comes in the wake of mounting pressure and debates by Liberians both at home and aboard regarding the establishment of a War Crime Court in the country so as to enable warlords and would be warlords to have their days in court or face justice for their involvement with the fourteen years civil unrest in Liberia; in which many Liberian citizens were killed in cold blood.

According to the Growing Grace Ministry’s Pastor, there is a need to draw a line as far back as 1926, as part of effort to track supporters or sponsors of war in Liberia and not to only go after people who held gun in the country.

“This should not only be about warrant faction leaders who were in country during the crisis, but also those nations that supported them,” he said.

Rev. Kpartakpah emphasized that both warrant faction and supporters of war in Liberia must account for their crimes and should not go with impunity. He urged ECOWAS to do better order than just going after people who were given gun to take innocent Liberian citizens’ lives.

He further indicated that war crime court are setup to investigate all crimes; therefore, both foreign and national based war leaders and supporters of the Liberian civil conflict should be dragged into the system.

“No one should stand in the way of our war crime because Liberians are hurt and had long awaited this time. People hired warrant factions to come and killed us, therefore, we should find out who are those people,” he added.

He equally contested that over two hundred thousand Liberian who died during the 14 years’ war in Liberia weren’t only killed by Charles Taylor’s forces alone, but there were players who pushed him.

Meanwhile, the clergyman wants individuals who also illegally stole Liberia gold and diamonds be brought into the system (War Crime Court) for investigation.

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