By Washington Tumay Watson –onewash9@gmail .com

Ahead  of the General and presidential Elections  in 2023  two   Sinoe County lawmakers have engaged   into serious political war ,destroying each other’s  characters,  ranging   from education  to criminality .

Speaking recently to a team of reporters from various media institutions, Sinoe County Senator J. Milton Teahjay   alleged that Sinoe County, District #1 Representative Crayton O. Duncan is a common high school graduate, who has never entered any University around the World.

According to Senator Teahjay, the academic credential of Rep.  Duncan that  he  graduated with Associate of Arts Degree from the North Hennepin Community College in 2002, as well as Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota and Master of Public Administration from Stayer  University, are  Fake Academic degrees.

“Crayton Duncan has never entered any University, since he graduated from high school, I openly challenged Crayton to disprove me, and provide his academic credentials or if any University in the United States of America can come and state that Rep. Crayton Duncan has graduated or attended a University in America, I will openly apologize” he said.

Senator Teahjay who is seeking re-election in the upcoming general and presidential elections with Representative Crayton O. Duncan who is vying for the senatorial seat with the objective of defecting Senator Teahjay, it is believed  that it is due to such political friction  that has prompted the political war on education and criminality.

Dismissing   the allegation by Senator Teahjay accusing the Sinoe County, District #1 Representative Duncan of criminally producing Fake Academic Degrees, Rep. Duncan rejected such allegation describing such occasion as incorrect.

Rep. Duncan  as a means  of refuting  such allegation from his political contender, displayed  all of   the degrees  that  he obtained  from  those respective  institutions  and requested  the media  to do  their independent  verification.

Rep. Duncan said, it was Senator Teahjay who should be in the position to provide clarity on how he got government’s scholarship to attend Howard University which according to him, the government cannot award scholarship to a person in two different institutions.

He said, Senator Teahjay is in the know that he will be disqualified due to his alleged involvement in misusing the County Development Fund of which he (Teahjay) was convicted by the court.

He further narrated that the people of Sinoe are going to dismiss Senator Teahjay comes 2023 general and presidential elections because of his alleged involvement in criminality.

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